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    Blu-ray Review HTF BLU-RAY REVIEW: Step Up 2 the Streets

    Thanks for the review, I'm ordering 10 copies. :)
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    Sony BDP-S1 to get Dolby Digital Plus and TrueHD Upgrade

    I just got my Firmware Update Disc Version 2.00 in the mail today! :)
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    Speed - Defective?

    Just bought the last Sony Blu-Ray player at my local Best Buy, and purchased "Speed". Had no problems playing this disc, but it did take longer to load, and I saw that funny circular thing moving before the disc started. :) The PQ is awesome!
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    I just got my 100th HD DVD!!!

    I have 33 HD-DVDs (and counting!), plus a merely 2,000 DVDs. ;)
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    United 93 HD?

    I was lucky enough to find the ultra-rare "Limited Edition" at B & N. A stunning film that deserves the HD treatment, and a Oscar nod for Best Picture.
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    Star Wars discussion from The Bits...

    I'm sorry, but non-anamorphic discs are a waste of time. That's so last season. :thumbsdown:
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    United 93

    I pre-ordered the "Limited Edition" from DVDEmpire, and it was later cancelled because not enough copies were made. :frowning: Circuit City, Best Buy, and Amazon are currently out-of-stock, I guess the "Limited Edition" is limited.
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    HD-(X)A1 Firmware Update now available on Toshiba website. Now version 2.4!!!

    I've tried both PCM and bitstream, and regardless, my Denon 4306 automatically switches to PCM or Dolby Digital (I'm using HDMI connections). Just got me e-mail from Toshiba, I should be getting my 2.0 Firmware disc next week! :)
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    Mission: Impossible III on HD DVD and Blu-ray on October 30th

    The Digital Bits is reporting that the second disc will be in high definition. :emoji_thumbsup:
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    Testy Area 51

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    Should I be worried about HD-A1 freeze-ups?

    After reading the www.avsforum.com it seems that numerous complaints involve skipping, freezing, and audio drop-outs from HD-DVD discs, and this comes from customers who have never had problems before. I think this is a problem that should be concerned, because this happens to me at random with...
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    Don't bug me

    No update yet, Aaron. Haven't called Toshiba, because of my heavy work schedule. I have noticed on the www.avsforum.com that people are having problems with"Sky Captain" and other HD-DVD discs months later. I'm hoping the next Firmware update will finally solve this disc problem.
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    Don't bug me

    My player isn't connected to anything, I use the Firmware disc from Toshiba for upgrades. Perhaps the next upgrade will solve more of these disc issues...I hope.
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    Problems with the Player for Specific Discs????

    I have 1.4 with the HDMI connection, random problems with HD-DVD discs. :frowning: