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    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Apocalypse Now Final Cut -- in 4k UHD Blu-ray

    I received my copy of Apocalypse Now from the US a few days ago. I have not watched it, but I did check it out on my SONY X800. When I checked out the Dialogue Norm setting...on a Yamaha 1030....it was reading as -3! (Reference, or no Dial norm, reads as +4) I have not seen any comments about...
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    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Jack Ryan: 5-Film Collection -- in 4k UHD Blu-ray

    Michael: I picked up a copy yesterday.....Thursday.....at the local Best Buy here...way out in NL!!! The BB web site did not show store stock for this item. It was "only" CAN$69.99...not bad as Amazon.com shows US$69.99. Cheers, Phannon
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    UHD Review Star Wars: The Last Jedi UHD Review

    Hi guys, I just checked out my copy UHD of The Last Jedi and found the dialogue norm value to be set at +2 as shown on a Yamaha 1030. This means it is recorded 2 dB lower than the "normal" +4 for all other Atmos UHD discs I have checked.......with the exception of Thor: Ragnarok which shows a...
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    My Fair Lady 50th Anniversary Edition defective second disc

    I tried the second MFL disc in my Sony 590.......it booted up, asked for language choice.....then booted back to player home screen. When I tried it in my Sony 760, all was well and it played, at least for the first minute or so, without any problems. Both players have the most up to date...
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    New Denon avr s910w trying to connect to Mirage BPS-150 Sub

    Do you have the sub "turned on" in the Denon menu? I do not own a Denon, only Yamaha, so I can be of no help with were to find the appropriate setting. If the sub channel is turned on, you should get a signal to the sub when you do the channel balance from the receiver tones....again I assume...
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    New Denon avr s910w trying to connect to Mirage BPS-150 Sub

    The sub should work just fine with a single RCA cable running from the sub out on the receiver. It should not make any difference which input on the sub you use, there should be no need for y-adapters. Some people have used one cable from the receiver attached to a y-adapter with two male...
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    One of the first Home Video prints of West Side Story

    JoshZ:Right you are....mixed up the titles while composing the message...I remember the scene of the Coast Guard cutter hitting the swells at the start of the movie. Then there was True Lies in AC-3, thought the house was going to fall down. I saw True Lies in the theatre at the time and the...
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    One of the first Home Video prints of West Side Story

    Ahhhh....memories.I started way back in the day collecting VHS (at $30 - $40)each. Most all were P/S with a few (ET maybe?)letterboxed. Then came VHS Hi-Fi (cost ~$1500)and the first surround sound movie I heard at home was Romancing The Stone over a cheap $20 Haffler type arrangement! The...
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    New SVS Ultra speakers now shipping

    Gene: My (now getting close to vintage, I guess) Mirage OM-6 speakers use 2 opposed 8 inch powered (sub)woofers and they sound fantastic and according to Stereophile (I think, though it was many years ago) measured very well. I find the bass to be "smooth" and as noted above more easily...
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    Blu-ray Review Star Trek: The Next Generation Season One Blu-ray Review

    I did not think it would happen, but I actually received my replacement discs way out here in Newfoundland, Canada! A tip of the hat to Paramount. Usually replacements and offers from the US do not apply here....or PO Box addresses do not apply and so on. I did the e-mail option soon after it...
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    Blu-ray Review Star Trek: The Next Generation Season One Blu-ray Review

    I sent off an e-mail to Paramount about the replacement discs yesterday and I received a reply within an hour or so for my information. I sent off the address and disc ID# (boy they are small numbers...especially for old eyes, but with the right lighting angle not too hard to decipher!). I live...
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    Amplifier volume level

    It is most likely just the design of the volume setting control. My Yamaha has settings of -80 to +5 (my max level setting, it can go to +15 I believe). I have calibrated so that 0 corresponds to my reference level which is ~82dB using various test tones, e.g. Digital Video essentials, AVIA...
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    Neil Young to release archive on BluRay disc

    I picked up the Blu-ray set yesterday and have not had a chance to listen much yet, but the 192 / 24 sounds nice so far. The only note of concern, it takes up to 5 minutes to load up a disc (five minutes of the spinning 45 rpm icon!). This using a SONY BDP-S500 with the most recent firmware (...
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    7 Full Range speakers a bad thing?

    I run full range speakers all around, except for a small centre rear speaker. The L/R speakers for front (Mirage OM-6) and rear (Acoustic Research AR-9) are good down to the 20 Hz range. The front centre consists of a Boston Acoustics VR-12 and a Mirage BPS-180 subwoofer. A Mirage BPS-400...
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    Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl Framing Issue

    Submitted the e-form on Friday, got the e-mail request for my mailing address on Monday, submitted same and then got a confirmation in the afternoon that a replacement disc will be sent out shortly.....great service (presumably from Disney Canada, if there is such an entity!) The numbers on...