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    Repair or replace?

    I have the exact same problem with my Hitachi. In fact, the repair guy is here now. He's replacing the convergence ICs, cleaning the inside, including the lenses, and calibrating for $380. I figure it's cheaper than the $1500 LCD I was looking at. Now, let's see if it works.
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    In LA for a week, what should I do?

    The weekend is great for Venice beach. Lots of nut jobs out and about! ;) Your timing is perfect. For a real flavor of LA, check out the: West Hollywood Halloween Costume Carnaval. This is one of the world's largest Halloween parties. Over 400,000 people, many dressed in outlandish drag...
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    Will my iMac be expensive to repair?

    Hi Jack- The first thing I would try is reformatting the hard drive and reinstalling the system OS. Are you on OS9? If you need to take your files off and don't have a back up drive, get your self a jump drive for $60 or less. A handy thing to have in any case. If it is still acting up...
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    Just bought my first mac! what do I do now?

    What do you do? Well, do the Mac happy dance! Apple has a web site that has information on getting started with the Mac. Congrats! BTW, which Mac did you get?
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    Please advise on best deal for APPLE G5 Purchase

    Again, you are paying $200 for 150gbs of hard drive. I got a 200gb internal Seagate SATA for less than $100 (from Newegg). I think you could do much better by buying a second drive. Of course, that's just my own opinion. ;) Good luck, Jon!
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    Please advise on best deal for APPLE G5 Purchase

    My advice is, stick with an authorized Apple dealer. I purchased mine from Amazon and got a $150 rebate. Now the rebates are $200. You can keep an eye on prices and deals here.
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    PowerMac G5 - can people here tell me what its like?

    I have a dual 2.0 G5 PowerMac and overall, I am extremely happy. There have been a few problems, mainly with the fans revving at full speed for no reason. It never affected the performance. It was just plain annoying. This has seemed to lessen and doesn't do it much at all any more. I've been...
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    Bad News for Ed Fans

    I think the musical choices on Ed were very important to the scenes and substituting songs would take the emotional impact out them. "Yellow" from Last Chance "Forgiveness" from Exceptions "Chinese Apple" from The Decision "Amateur" from the wedding shower scene Friendly Ghost from...
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    Question for the Philly folks (best Cheesesteak)

    I'm in this camp. My faves are at Phil and Jim's in Parkside. Smiths Hotel, in Lancaster County, has a mighty fine cheesesteak if you are up that way. I'm back home in PA right now, visiting the family, so I'm in cheesesteak and hoagie heaven! BTW, living in SoCal, I have finally found a...
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    Ed season 1 to be shown on TBS (merged)

    Apparently, contrary to reports, no other station has picked up ED. From the same paper: "Ed" creator Jon Beckerman said he has no knowledge of another network picking up the show. All I have to say is, TV sucks and I'm glad I have a DVD recorder!
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    4th Of July Weekend?

    Four day weekend. Woo-hoo! Gonna scrub the patio furniture, clean out the garage (are we having fun yet?), friends coming for a cookout, and maybe go up to Santa Barbara for the day.
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    Rule 240 and American Airlines. Oh, how they disappoint!

    AA was serving "Bistro Bag" meals. Just some nasty-ass food in a blue bag. This past December, I flew United and they sold meals to passengers. Just made reservations on AA and I think they're selling meals now, also. Don't much care. I usually grab a salad in the airport and take it on with me...
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    Singer songwriter recommendations?

    I gave it a couple of spins, but it didn't grab me. I think I will listen to it more this weekend. I'm a big fan too! I think I just got used to the "Life is Sweet" vibe. Julia, along the lines of Sondre Lerche, you should also check out Teitur. There's also: Ron Sexsmith Jason Falkner...
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    Singer songwriter recommendations?

    Not to hijack the thread, but Philip, what do you think of Maria Mckee's latest CD?
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    Time Shift Radio on Your iPod!

    Yep! That's the beauty of it. It splits each song into mp3 or aac files, so each song is a separate file. Built-in FM radio can't do that! You are not limited to the stations on the iFill list. Hold option when you click the Add Station button to manually add the station.