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    Star Wars 45TH Anniversary May 25 1977

    I agree, would ,I’ve to see a remastered release of the original movies unaltered I have the Japanese release on laser disk (the main reason I keep that LDplayer on my rack) of the first three movie which look fairly good through my line doubler. (And they have the wonderful THX opening too.j...
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    Apple Glasses

    Oh I so agree with this, but… “I just want to make the decision once and be done with it. I’ve reordered the same pair of shoes for everyday wear for nearly 20 years now; they fit me well and are comfortable and that’s good enough for me. I don’t care to rethink that every six months or a...
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    Denon DVD 3800BD Won't Turn On

    Note the link to the service manual. I did not go all there way through it, but might be work looking at to see if they offer any suggestions. Good luck.
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    Denon DVD 3800BD Won't Turn On

    I would have to agree, this sounds like a power issue, which would easily point to a bad power supply, regulator, or blown out caps. If the button was stuck or making momentary contact on its own, it would turn itself on as well as off, and you are not seeing that behavior. I would open it up...
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    Could Physical Media Extend To USB

    This always makes me laugh, because any encryption system that has to work on millions of devices is going to get cracked. I can't think of a single DRM that has been 100% effective. Even Nagra's system has been hacked. Yet media companies will spend many millions developing something new...
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    4k...Okay, Now I Get It!

    Personally, I am a bit afraid to upgrade. Seems whenever I up my system to something new, all the manufacturers announce their new latest and greatest upgrades and new formats. So Ill take one for the team and all of you with 4K, and hold off on an upgrade to my theatre for now so you all...
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    UHD What is holding back UHD and what can be done to fix it?

    Like many of us here, we care about getting the best image possible. But all of my friends think that is crazy. They are JUST now buying 1080p OLED screens and love what they see. Look how long that took. Even the few that got a 4K set, they never watch anything 4K! They could care less about an...
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    Pioneer DVR510HS or Panasonic DMRE80HS?

    OK, a little Digital TV 101 (overly simplified) here: I would say this depends on the final quality you wish, and some on the source material, and some on your display device. Since the recorder uses MPEG-2 to record the video, the more data bits used in the recording, the better the quality...
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    DVD-R's...the best?

    For me, my older player, a Pioneer Elite DVD/LD combo player has the most problems of any DVD players. When it plays, it does a great job, but when it misses, it misses big time. Most DVD's burned on my Mac would not play audio on this machine while it would play elsewhere. But so far, the...
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    DVD-R's...the best?

    It must be an east/west thing, because everyone here does just the opposite, and assumes I spell it like your. That is funny. Of course, in my case, the also assume the "Rubin" is my first name and Owen is my last, and that would be spelled Reuben.
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    DVD-R's...the best?

    I know what you mean. The price for 4X is great, their customer service is great, and the free shipping, even though ground shipping, is still a good deal. I am closer to them than you and get them in 3 days as well which is amazing, but to NY might take a bit longer, but just order in enough...
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    DVD-R's...the best?

    Cool. Care to share your 80 cent source? But I have to ask: I am buying 4X disks and Meritline ships ground for free, so 99 cents is my TOTAL cost delivered. Have you added in shipping to that 80 cents? Are you buying 4X ot 1X DVD-R's as that too makes a difference to me as I buy the same...
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    DVD-R's...the best?

    What do you consider "cheap"? I just bought 100 "bulk" , but bulk of a real good brand: BeAll (though Meritline) for about a buck each. This is much cheaper than "named" brand at almost $2 a disk, and I have had ZERO failures. Now, my recorder has an HD, so I copy to the HD and then to...
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    Pioneer DVR510HS or Panasonic DMRE80HS?

    Mike, Where was your answer when I could still exchange mine? I have seen that color problem some, especially from old VHS tapes. But all in all, I am very happy with the results of transfers, especially from Dish via s-video, and the editing features, now that I am getting good at using...