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    WMC dead. What's the future of HTPC?

    AppleTV has no iso nor mkv support but it will do HD in an .m4v container. Handbrake metaX to iTunes shared library does wonders for a movie collection. Everything else I got from its apps, HBO, Netflix, Amazon Prime. Did the HTPC long time ago like this set up much better.
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    Da 5 Bloods (2020)

    Saw it last night and enjoyed it. In my opinion this is Spike Lee's best work. Long movie yes but well edited and not one to make you look at your watch at all. Love the different use of aspect rations to determine the time period of the film. I did notice something that caught my eye...
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    Tagging ATV Media Question

    I stream to my ATV with iTunes looking at my media on the external server. This is for tagging iTunes Media. I use MetaZ for tagging the media. Median on External Drive > MacMini Running ATV app (formerly iTunes > WiFi to ATV's thru the home.
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    Tagging ATV Media Question

    Is there a way to tag an ATV movie with a widescreen wallpaper image that appears in the background when a movie is selected on the new ATV's? Currently I have the standard poster shape image for the movie and if I add a widescreen image instead of poster shape it appears as a small widescreen...
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    Apple TV Home Sharing Limit?

    My understanding is that ATV has a library limit of 2300 movies. What happens when the library exceeds the limit if your home sharing the movies to ATV devices?
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    Native BluRay Support!

    What are the odds of blu-ray native on an iMac within the next two years?It just does not seem right that one can edit a nice HD video with Final Cut and then not be able to put it on a blu-ray unless I use some third party drive that may or may not work.
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    Apple iPad buyers / Owners thread

    I have been looking for a product like this for a long time. The 64GB minus the 3G is what's on my future radar. Main use will be for having a nice collection of movies when I travel sans DVDs and clunky battery hog portable DVD players! This will fit that bill just perfect. Secondary use...
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    Addicted to Mafia Wars iPhone app

    Fieldrunners is my fav game app so far.
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    Apple iPhone 3G S Discussion

    I am having a little trouble in clearing the cache emails. Not Safari history or cookies, but cahed emails. I sent an email and I typed in the wrong address, now every time I type an email with that letter the wrong email keeps coming up on the drop down list. Also if you send an email to an...
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    Digital Copy only in wmv format?

    Pretty useless feature. I think it will go away.
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    Digital Copy only in wmv format?

    I have a bunch of my blu-ray with the extra Digital Copy DVD, but when I entered the code it spit out two version of the same movie, different sizes but both in wmv format. I was hoping I count get something I could put on my itouch or iphone. Is this the only format they give you these digital...
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    Outdoor Theater

    You need as bright as you can get, 800 is a bit small. You want a real High Gain on your screen and why bother with 4:3, most PJ's now do 16:9. Did you take your backyard pic yet?
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    1080/24 not what I expected.

    I have read a lot of the advantage of 1080/24 and seen this transalate into some beautiful images on blu-ray titles, however when I upscale my standard DVD's to 1080/24 I see flaws. I now upscale my SD-DVD's to 1080/60 and find the image looks much better. On paper it would seem that 1080/24...
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    Anyone else clearing out their SD-DVDs?

    I also will get rid of some of my SD titles as they come out and go on sale as a Blu-ray title. I say some, because some of my SD movies actually look pretty good with my blu-ray player doing the upscale, so even if it comes out on Blu-ray why get it right away. A little patience helps a lot. I...
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    WoW !!! This is reference Video & Audio. I loved POTC 1, 2 & 3 did not come even close, and I here there is a chance of a spin off forth minus Johhny Depp. I am guessing that will be worst than the third. Has the blu-ray ever been offered as a box set? Like you said this is top notch demo...