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    Projector Screen Help

    Check out Carada. Good screens at good prices. There is a link for them on the main HTF forums page. ;)
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    FS: SVS 25-31 PCi - Brand New - Houston, Tx Area

    Sold. Lock me up, delete me, hit me with a wet noodle.
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    FS: SVS 25-31 PCi - Brand New - Houston, Tx Area

    SVS accidently shipped two of them to me. Darn the luck. They advised to refuse delivery on the second one, or I could buy it with free shipping. Darn the good bookkeepers! I don't have a need for a second sub and figured I'd try to sell this one for them. The sub will arrive at my house on...
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    just checking out this RANT button
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    Computer clock losing time

    Well my problem has come and gone and come again, though not as bad as before. It fixed itself, I did nothing, for a few weeks and it is back to losing about 2-3 minutes a day. I check it with AtomTime regularly.
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    Anyone try a flat hose?

    On a pet message list I belong to. Sorry the link they sent doesn't work but here's the message. > Those flat garden hoses they advertise on tv. Do not get one if you plan to > fill your dog's water bucket. In fact I wouldn't even water my beloved plants > with it. > If the link...
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    Don't read the first reply

    Yep, it works.
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    In my profile, what is meant by "Referrals"?

    No, Keith, the 0 means how many referrals you have left before you are booted. So you better start behaving! :D Whoops, I'm at zero also. :)
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    Hey, why the heck do people read the "testing area"?

    Because, one day maybe Trevor's Testing Page will come back. That was entertainment! :D
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    Are pure-bread dogs for the ultra rich now?

    You might look to rescue organizations for the particular breed of dog you want. I recently adopted a pure-breed dog. The puppies sell for $800+ from breeders, I paid $100 to the rescue organization for mine. Granted he is 2.5 years old when I got him, but they do get puppies occasionally and...
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    If i am a registered user, how can i get myself a signature?

    Hey! It's another Oscar out here in the wild west of El Paso of all places! :emoji_thumbsup: Howdy Oscar! ~oscar (near Mesa & Festival)
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    Is Smirnoff Ice considered a woman's drink?

    okay, I found it. The definition of beer (in texas at least) is considered a beer if it is a malt beverage with 0.5%-4.5% alcohol content. The Smirnoff Ice would not contain vodka as that would make it a mixed beverage. From what I understand they only use the Smirnoff logo (as does the...
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    Is Smirnoff Ice considered a woman's drink?

    Actually it is BEER. Read the label it says flavored beer. Ice, Bacardi Silver, Skyy, Zima and wine coolers are flavored beers, read the lables.