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    2007-2008 NFL season discussion thread

    I can't wait to see how on fire Reggie Bush is gonna be this season...He is soooo ridic. talented (he can apparently even play soccer - hahah check this out )
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    Hell's Kitchen - Season 3

    this was such a good show (didnt see season one or two but was obsessed with season 3) - cant wait for another season!!
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    *** Official THE SIMPSONS MOVIE Discussion Thread

    am obsessed with the 7-11 marketing they did !!!!
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    What a job!!

    No way - really? I was really intrigued by the article - it's amazing what needs to go into staying current, but if you saw them on the road, seems like they're really making an effort. Pretty cool. Good question - I wonder where they do park at night?
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    What a job!!

    Just read a recent article about this woman who drives around in a big orange van and charts roads for a living. She works for Tele Atlas, a mapping company, and it seems pretty fun to me I'd love to drive around all day! I think the TomTom ONE i used a few months ago has her to thank - i...
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    Terrible with Directions...

    Right, I think that's the Text-to-Speech feature. I know that the TomTom GO 910 has TTS and I think the GO 510 may as well. I just borrowed the ONE from a friend to try it out, and I haven't used it yet but I can't wait! I'm sure I won't be able to go back to a non-GPS world!
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    Terrible with Directions...

    Anyone have a tomtom? I am thinking about getting the ONE since i have a terrible sense of direction. I seriously can manage to get lost between my house and the grocery store. Its so awful. Does anyone have a tomtom? Do you like it? I hear they are easy to use and it may help me to not get lost...
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    Cold FX

    Anyone know about this cold-fx stuff? Its supposed to boost your immune system so you dont get sick. Does it really work? My friends take it but should i take it? I dont want to get a cold or worse the flu. ugh
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    If anyone is planning a trip to Europe...

    Lufthansa is offering some really awesome deals right now. 20% off all international flights – and no black out dates. I’m thinking about Milan or Paris for New Years Eve – thought I would share in case anyone else is looking to travel!
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    new ipod

    Hey Scott...yes, I wish I could but I'm new to this forum and they won't let me post yet.:b From everything that I have been reading, it sounds like they plan to debut this on April 1st! Check out Thinksecret's website-- It's posted on their homepage now. The new ipod will have a 3.5-inch...
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    new ipod

    So I was checking the boards to see if anyone else had heard about this...and I came across this old thread-- And here we are, not even a couple months later and now I am glad that I didn't actualy buy the "new" video ipod over christmas. Has anyone heard anything about the newest video...
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    Anybody for some fiddling?

    I haven't listened to the Wild Colonials in a long time...And WOW are they awesome, I'm going to have to look for that cd when I get home. Thanks for all of the recs...Looks like I've got some music to look into this weekend. Jay, keep me posted on the CD and thanks for looking into it!
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    Anybody for some fiddling?

    Thanks Jay-- This is good. Did you end up buying an album, and if so, which one would you recommend?
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    anyone here know anything about bicycles?

    Glad to hear you ended up with the Trek 750 for your wife... That makes me feel better about my purchase. I love mine as well but it's always reassuring to see that other people recommend the same thing...
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    *** Official BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN Discussion Thread

    It might have been the twangy guitar riffs that made it hard for me to get emotionally involved with this film the first go round. Did anyone else find this reoccuring sound forced and somewhat cheesy (and in a horrible way reminicent of Deliverance)? Or did you feel that it added to emotion of...