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    Dallas Season 4!

    See, if they do the Return to Southfork show, they include the bloopers and outtakes plus Larry had the footage from the people who shot him...so you are really getting that with this season release. :)
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    Dallas Season 4!

    I was surprised at the release but I'm excited about it! :) I can't wait. :) :) :)
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    I have not noticed any cut scenes like I have on Soapnet or when it was on TNN which cut out many many scenes I didn't get to see till Soapnet.
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    what I'd like to see on Dallas season 4

    I think those are good ideas for extras, but I think most of us wants the bloopers from the show which I know there are a lot of since I have one of the blooper tapes...but those are good ideas.
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    Dallas Season 3

    Here is a question: What would you want to see on the DVD set as extras? I would like to see the bloopers which I have the first three season on tape but I like to see some that are in great quality, not like mine, which sucks but I also like to see maybe some interviews they did over the...
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    Dallas Season 3

    Thanks Jeff, I have been there, it is cool, love it!
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    Colorizing B&W vs. Colored

    I think if they was filmed in Black & White, leave at that, it ruins the original feeling you get. I actually like shows that are in Black & White, I like the first three season of Bewitched and the first season of IDOJ. I don't think you should mess with the original color of older shows like...
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    Dallas Season 3

    That is so cool, I wish so badly that I could have been born around that time and was able to see it, but I live through Dallas through Reruns and DVDs. I figure it had done great too but according to them it didn't do as good as they wanted. Which is hard to say with fans all around the world...
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    Dallas Season 3

    Thank you Jeff, I have been watching the DVD a lot lately. I'm a little sadden about the DVD not coming out so fast as I was hoping. But, I guess we get what we get. I hope it don't storm too much, I hate the bad weather, it kinda scares me.
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    Directors What 5 shows would you?...

    Dallas *Season 3* I Dream of Jeannie Bob Newhart *Coming* Bewitched Frasier
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    Dallas Season 3

    Thanks Jeff, I have one of Linda and Larry they signed but I have never saw her in person. Did you know that Lindsay is Linda's real life niece. I would love another one. Since I'm such a big fan of hers and Larry!! I have heard of it. Some girls wanna to go out there and see her but I'm in...
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    Bob Newhart Season 1 in April

    I know my friend Donna is happy about this, and I like Bob Newhart...so I'm gonna look into getting a copy of it.:)
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    I Dream of Jeannie DVD??

    I really want Jeannie to come to DVD, I been waiting. I know that Larry King Interview you talking about, I have it actually. But, Barbara, Larry or Bill didn't know if it was or not. So maybe in the future.
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    Dallas Season 3

    It is in Double Wedding. Which is on the DVD Set!!:) I'm smart!
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    Dallas Season 3

    Dallas sold all right, just not as much as WB wanted them too. Hopefully more people will buy these upcoming seasons!!