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    Super funky room shape for 5.1 surround.

    Let the wires be free I would put the rear speakers on little tables as close to "the right spot" as you can. I even have one of mine sitting on the floor (not the greatest sound but better than naught) Those rears are typically used for brief moments or to fill in background noise so they...
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    I also noticed in the photos that they were Euro style plugs, was that a coincidence or are you located somewhere besides the good 'ol US of A...
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    Home Theater Build

    Most importantly go out and listen and decide for yourself. Its like asking what car to buy or what are the best jeans? I like sporty hatch backs and Gap jeans. How bout you?
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    I am curious what prompted you to feel you needed this? A lightning strike is not a surge btw if it can make it from a cloud to your house I very much doubt a tiny fuse blowing will stop it. Is your electricity particularly dirty? I grew up with a kid whose lights were always flickering due to...
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    Receiver Upgrade Assistance Please

    I think this is the most useful piece of consumer advice that anyone shopping for a HT could get.
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    Help Needed

    Careful when you purchase the HDMI card. HDMI is capable of sound and video but it can be for just video. For example if you have a video card with HDMI out it will probably not output sound as well. Make sure it will do both.
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    Help Needed

    I'm not familiar with this exact receiver but typically they don't like to mix analogue (RCA) with digital (HDMI) signals. like HDMI video and RCA audio... there could be a setting for each input on what to use? Make sure the RCA is plugged into the same named input as the HDMI for a start.
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    Beginner question

    lol Anderson read what you wrote :p
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    Beginner question

    Ok when you say older Hitachi you need to be more specific. It would help us greatly to have a model number... It would also help us to know what you plan to watch on your TV (xbox, ps3, cable box, blu ray, Laser Disc, Wii, VCR, etc) I'll tell you why. If you don't have an HDMI input on your TV...
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    Newbie Question

    Well... I had not heard of Elan until right now, but looking at ebay for parts, depending what is left (the "etc" was a little vague) but if you have only the wires and the cameras and speakers but no electronics: amps TVs sources. Depending on how big your house is, how many cameras, TVs...
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    Looking for a 'basic' full setup for watching tv

    I would stay away from apple TV if these downloaded files of yours are ill gotten ie: from bit torrent or the like... it won't play them without some serious work... I would say Roku or if you have any interest in a gaming console both of the big ones are great media hubs (with the edge to the...
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    Looking for a 'basic' full setup for watching tv

    I would direct you to Crutchfield.com they have some great articles on Home Theater stuff. Here is one which gives an overview of receivers http://www.crutchfield.com/learn/learningcenter/home/receivers.html?g=10400
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    New Here - Got some questions

    I wouldn't sugar coat it for this guy... you will fail. Not because of the market conditions or because of the global recession but because you don't know anything about it. You want to open a business and you can't even name the companies that make the products you want to sell???? Thats like...
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    BIc DV62 Central alternative

    looks good, how does it sound? Dont worry too much what other people think the speaker sounds like. If it sounds good to you that is the BEST speaker there is.
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    Trouble please help !!!!!

    It sounds like the receiver is trying to output to a center channel when there is none. I would look for a setup on the Yamaha and make sure the center is off.