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    Receiver help

    easy way to figure out if you have powered speakers: do your speakers have an A/C power cable? that is, do they plug in to the wall? if there are no power cords, your speakers are not 'powered' and you just have an unusual method of connection which can be accommodated by simply...
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    Ancient help!

    i'd check the impedance of the accusounds, you might have blown a resistor or something
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    Power Cleaner?

    i've never quantified it but i'm pretty certain that the power here isn't exactly clean i do get lights dimming occasionally, a few motors (like my fridge) are on the same circuit and there's nothing i can do about that since dragging extension cords around my place isn't exactly my idea of...
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    Power Cleaner?

    well i decided i'd better make this inquiry after 3 local pole transformers blew outside my apartment building in under 2 hours today causing explosions powerful enough to set off no less than 5 car alarms and scare the crap out of the firemen trying to put the flaming power pole out after the...
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    Help Please! Need Help Now!

    it might be set to 'att' or something used to attenuate a too-strong signal
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    Recommend a used stereo amp for $300.00

    i was closely watching ST-140s on ebay a while back i really should start looking again
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    Newbie question

    i aquired a new Marantz SR5400 for 500 even with some finagling at a local HT shop and it is by far the best receiver in the range i've heard (and it's 90 wpc 20-20000khz) i tested it (in store and in my system) and it blew away the mainstream Denon and Yamahas (the yammie in particular...
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    AV/Marantz vs. Yamaha/Help

    My vote will go to the Marantz SR5400 I was recently in the market for a receiver and auditioned at great length similarly- priced models by Marantz, Denon, Yamaha, and Onkyo Integra. For sound quality, only the Integra could approach the Marantz The Denon was not bad but unremarkable; the...
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    leave it on?

    well i elevated it 3cm or so above the carpet and it's now running cooler playing T2 at a decent volume on all channels than it did today at idle thanks for the info
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    leave it on?

    noted, i'm in the process of rigging up extenders for the feet
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    Denon, Pioneer Elite, Yamaha

    i've heard that yamaha A/B'd with Marantz and Onkyo Integras; the yamaha -despite it's admirable processing features- sounded muddy and compressed just my $.02
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    Any ideas to resolve ground loop problem?

    for unpolarized 2- prong plugs, i've heard advice to merely turn the plug around play around with different plugs and see if it helps
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    leave it on?

    well yesterday i felt the top of my Marantz SR5400 receiver and it was really too hot to touch there is plenty of clearance on all sides as it is sitting on te floor alone between my TV stand and R channel speaker (though my floor is carpeted and there is only a few mm of clearance between...
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    leave it on?

    i've heard conflicting reports regarding receivers and amps in regards to turning them off when not in use or leaving them on 24/7 even when not in use i'm thinking that leaving them on will bake the electronics, even with great ventilation and shutting it off is a good idea, though i've...
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    The Logic of Pro Logic

    i use PLII for TV and video from the computer, that's about it for some reason i can't stand surround modes for stereo music, it never compares with source direct i've given fair trial to PLII, circle surround, and 6.1 stereo, but i can't stand those for 2 channel music true...