Let's call them passions. Anyone can have an 'interest' in just about anything. It doesn't mean you follow through with it. I'm interested in botany, sculpture and weird foods beginning with the letter 'q'.

But my passions are (1): great classic movies, (2) classic literature, (3) expressing and standing behind an opinion through my writing, (4) keeping fit; body, mind and spirit, (5) cultivating and keeping lifelong friendships...because no one can do it all alone, (6) family - because everybody has one and should sincerely make the effort to be the best in theirs, (7) exploring hiking trails, to clear the mind when the bustle of life gets to be too much, (8) celebrating life's most precious moments with people who mean something in my life, (9) constantly pursuing a policy to better myself with a keen and unerring dedication to perpetual learning - and, finally (10) remaining the cockeyed optimist in a world that continues to quietly go to hell.

Little Mary Sunshine, Mother Theresa, Albert Schweitzer, Nikola Tesla or Mark Twain I'm not. But they are not bad role models to have. They sure beat the stuffings out of an Amy Winehouse, Bill Clinton or (cough, choke) Bill Cosby. N'est pas?
Jan 6, 1971 (Age: 49)
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I live by a strict code I sincerely don't expect others to follow, but it goes something like this. The joys of life are to be found from within. You can't be good company for somebody else if you're not absolutely fit company for yourself. Ten to one the odds are never in your favor. To hell with it. I never play the odds! Children should never be exposed to adult stupidity. Regardless what one conservative thinks, not all conservatives think alike. Everyone should be their own sun. Bring Kleenex to life's party. Laugh at yourself daily. Remember that when you come to the proverbial 'end of your rope' it just means you need to go out and buy more. And last, but certainly not least; remind yourself daily that a quitter never wins...although I don't suppose that was ever his/her intent in the first place. Kill time, because it's killing you...I always believe in returning the favor. Above all else, share yourself with the people you love. Forgive yourself for not having all of the answers. Respect the process of evolving into the person you wish to become with compunction, style and humility, knowing you're destined to failure, even as you're stubbornly determined to succeed.
What I do for a living
Freelance writer/author
Top 5 Favorite Movies
Gone With The Wind, Lawrence of Arabia, Ben-Hur, The Sound of Music, My Fair Lady
Top 5 Favorite Discs
Lawrence of Arabia, The International, The Sound of Music, Singin' in the Rain, A Star is Born


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