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    mirage omni 250,260

    Has anyone heard the new line of mirage speakers,i listened to them the other day and found the sound very different from others i have auditioned(paradigm,klipsch,axiom)If anyone has heard them i would like to here your feedback thanks
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    Paradigm or PSB (Which speakers to buy?)

    I heard them a few months ago,very nice for the money.they have to be good.... their canadian.
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    Anyone seen the new Hitachi 53 or 57uwx20b? Reviews?

    hi i have a 53 inch uwx widescreen .i love the tv,of course there are much better out there but i found the picture much crisper than the sony or the panisonic,newer models are out there but i don`t regret my hitachi
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    I assume from your last post the klipsch is still my best bet??or...... maybe i need a better reciever.ahhhhh
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    thanks for your help, i did like the sound of the klipsch rf3 11`s,i didn`t really know to much about them ,but i think they will be the ones thanks again
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    hi room is 20x 25,yamahahtr5560 reciever,mirage frx 15 sub,sattelite,mostly hard rock ,but will be useing them mostly 80% for home theater ,sci fi ,action movies,thanks again
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    hi,looking to get some new speakers in the near future,i have heard the klipsch rc3 11`s the frx7 mirage and the paradigm ref 60`s like them all ,any ideas what would be the best choice? thanks