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    Codes 12.13.17

    No reply to my PM, code has been sourced elsewhere.
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    Codes 12.13.17

    PM sent.
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    HD movie codes FS

    PM sent.
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    Want to Buy: Guardians Vol. 2 sourced from 4k disc

    Will pay via Paypal.
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    PM sent.
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    Routing/hiding speaker wires.

    I also saw this one on This Old House, a crown moulding raceway:
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    Routing/hiding speaker wires.

    Never said it was a solution for everyone, friend.
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    Routing/hiding speaker wires.

    If running wires isn't an option, Rocketfish makes a wireless solution: I have and use this and it has been bulletproof.
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    Trading John Wick for something cool

    If you redeem in the Sony store, Sony grants UHD rights in your UV account (even though the only way to currently view them in UHD right now is on a Sony TV). Here's an excellent spreadsheet which may interest you on this subject...
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    Trading John Wick for something cool

    Yeah, it's the streaming equivalent of buying a 4k disc and not having a 4k player available to play it. Getting UHD rights is just an effort to future-proof.
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    Trading John Wick for something cool

    FYI, if redeemed on Flixster, I can confirm that you do indeed receive UHD rights in your UV locker for John Wick. When I redeemed, Flixster returned an error message instead of a confirmation but when I logged in to it did show as SD,HD,UHD.
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    New Releases

    Also getting a mailbox full message. I'm interested in Pinocchio (1940) - HD Google Play - $7.50
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    WTB: The Accountant UHD Code

    Seeking The Accountant UHD code for a reasonable price. Happy to Paypal. Thanks!