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    H/K AVR 230 problems

    Hi everyone, I have had my H/K AVR230 for a little over a year, I bought it brand new. I was watching The Simpsons on DVD with DD-EX and it was around 11pm, so the volume was set a -60.. down very low. My sub was sleeping because it was so low. Well I would hear a weird, low freq. buzzing...
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    White Van Dealer Story

    Today I was in Mobile getting some gas, and as I was leaving two guys in a Blue Ford Explorer came up beside me and they asked me if I wanted a home theater system that they had left over from thier "job".I asked what kind and they said its like bose, pull over and you can look at it. I said...
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    Who sells a combo without a sub...

    How about JBL... surrounds are $119 a pair. Front Left/Right $169 a pair E30 and a JBL EC35 center for $200. They are all JBL's.
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    Bose Is Boss

    Well since everyone else is doing it... Thats my bike!
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    Opinions wanted on system purchase

    I got myself a SVS 20-39 PCi subwoofer, and the best way to describe it is as you said And if you do get an SVS, you have to get the Pink Floyd- Dark Side of the Moon SACD its awesome with an SVS, a whole new experience.. Sorry I don't have any other speaker recommendations.
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    Best 5.1 Home Theater Speakers for Under $1,000

    I will also recommend JBL, I love my JBL setup along with an SVS subwoofer (20-39PCi). My S38II's are discontinued, but the JBL E50's are just about the same in every way (I own both S38/E50), along with the EC35 for the center, and E10's or N24II's for surrounds. I got my setup at...
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    Reciever shuts off at loud volume/scene

    I had this problemall the time with my AVR, and my car amp, it was always a speaker wire short. I would check them real good.
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    No sound out of left speaker

    Stupid me, just before I send my AVR in I see 3 knobs that I have never touched and, I see the balance was all the way to the Right...
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    No sound out of left speaker

    Hi, The other day I ran my speaker ID through my H/K AVR 230, and there was no sound coming from my left front speaker. So I checked all my connections, and they are fine. I put in my calibration disc, and selected the speaker ID in Dolby and DTS, still no sound from my front left, but while...
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    is it normal not to hear it?

    I was just testing my sub before I found this thread, and I was playing a 20hz sine wave to see what db's I could get off of my SVS. Im in a 10x10 bedroom and my RS meter reads at 102db @ 20hz. I've never heard the clicking noise, so I figure my sub hasn't bottomed out. I can feel my bed shaking...
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    Okay, my SVS isn't working. :(

    This is kinda off subject, but my car amp is doing the same thing! (blowing fuses once they are put in. old amp works fine) Just let me know if u fix it without having it replaced. Thanks :)
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    Too Much Sub for Room Size?

    I have a SVS 20-39 PCi in my 10x10 bedroom, and with it calibrated it sounds great! But if the gain is turned up more than 1/2, its just annoying.
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    Good bookshelf speakers for, well, bookshelves.

    I've have these JBL E50's in my living room for a 2ch music setup. They sound great, and they are front ported. They are HUGE bookshelf speakers though.
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    Upgrading System

    ok, thanks alot Brad
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    Upgrading System

    Thanks Brad. I was looking at the brand "Pyle" and I didn't know if they were a good brand? Are they known for having problems or anyhting? also is Boss a good brand?