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    TV on DVD news roundup

    15 New Listings of TV shows on DVD and Blu-Ray News: <iframe src="" width="500" height="606" style="border:none;overflow:hidden" scrolling="no" frameborder="0"...
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    Your Go-To Comfort Food

    This one is easy for me......I have several good "Comfort Food" shows: "I Love Lucy", "The Honeymooners", "The Carol Burnett Show", "Soap" and "Will and Grace". These shows just make me "laugh out loud" really need that in this day and age!!! :)
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    TimeLife Releases The Best Of Cher

    I would hold off buying (if you can). Time-Life is notorious to release smaller sets to retail within 6 months of their initial sets. "The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour" was released (as a 5 disc set) to retail 6 months after they did the bigger set that included "Cher" solo shows and the "Sonny...
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    The Complete Carol Burnett Show on Shout Factory TV (actually not even half)

    These are the same exact episodes that have been on Amazon Prime. The edits are mainly due to music rights and in the case of some comedy sketches that contain "rights" issues like parodies on T.V. shows (aka Star Trek) and movies. They only can put out these type of variety shows with certain...
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    New Warner Bros. logo sparks controversy

    The new Warner Brothers logo looks like an "IKEA" version of the looking......they should have just left the logo alone. SMH....I don't know what's going on with these studios these days. :(
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    Feud Bette and Joan

    From my understanding, the real reason why "Feud" has not made it to DVD (or Blu-Ray) is because there was a lawsuit between the show's creator (Ryan Murphy) and the movie star Olivia de Havilland. She had felt her portrayal in the series (played by Catherine Zeta-Jones) was not accurate and...
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    For Those Who Still Think Physical Media Has No Place in the 21st century...

    Just an opinion here.....the topic on hand is about Physical Media having a place in the 21st century. Somehow the subject of "piracy" was interjected in the topic as one of the reasons for the decline in physical media. By no means am I advocating for people to do such an act, but "piracy"...
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    Press Release Time/Life Press Release: I Got You Babe: The Best of Sonny & Cher

    No....this is the same release without the bonus 2nd volume that contain Cher's solo shows and the 2nd reincarnation of Sonny and Cher Shows (after their divorce). This is the retail release of Volume 1. I hope Time Life is planning to release volume 2 as a retail release as well, cause I have...
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    Is the b&w era of TV on DVD slowly coming to an end?

    No offense to those who don't buy edited cuts of t.v. shows on DVD......but this is why physical media is on decline. Sure I would love full episodes of t.v. shows (and not to mention original music too), but I rather have something to remember these shows than nothing. Now I love the show...
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    The Mary Tyler Moore Show on Blu-ray … ever?

    Everybody is entitled to their own opinions.....but "Depressing" would not be how I would describe "The Mary Tyler Moore Show". "Funny", "Warm" and "Well Written/Acted" would be my description of the show, imo.
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    We NEED the Original Will & Grace run (1998-2006) on Blu-ray.

    Maybe will get the original series on Blu-Ray once this current season (which is the final season) is all done. Crossing fingers.....Day 1 purchase for me!!! :)
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    The Mary Tyler Moore Show on Blu-ray … ever?

    As much as I would love to have a Blu-Ray set of "The Mary Tyler Moore" show....I don't see it happening. First off, it was a 20th Century Fox property, in which Fox took forever to get the series on DVD (Thank God for Oprah Winfrey, who is a huge fan of the show and kept on making a big deal...
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    Time Life Dallas Seasons 1-6 on DVD

    I don't know the purpose of re-releasing "Dallas" on DVD....But Time-Life seems to be in the business lately of re-releasing part of or all of complete series t.v.. series that were already released on DVD (other examples are recently "The Andy Griffith Show", "The Three Stooges" and "I Love...
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    Knots Landing

    There is some unfortunate news about "Knots Landing" and it's 40th Anniversary release to DVD and streaming. This comes from a "Knots Landing Appreciation Page" on Facebook. The administrator (author of the post) is a reliable source. But here are the details to why a 40th Anniversary DVD and...
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    DVD Review I Love Lucy Colorized Collection DVD Review

    I actually went to one of the special showing at the movie theaters on Tuesday where they showed the Documentary and 5 episodes of the "I Love Lucy". From the documentary a company called West (something)…..Westridge? They were based somewhere overseas where they did the process of the...