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    Marvel Originals Series

    I'm sorry, but have I missed something??? Where & from whom are the Iron Man and Capt. America 1960's series available from? I've been on the lookout for those for ages. Thanks, Mike
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    The Man From UNCLE??

    I received my set yesterday at my office via USPS. Placed my order over the phone (after Time-Life's online system lost my order) on 10/22. I was told I would get rush delivery but the box was marked Media Mail. The packaging is very nice, but I hate the cases with the overlapped discs (it's...
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    The Man From UNCLE??

    Just a warning to you all that have placed online orders with Time Life. I placed an order on 10/3 (I received an email confirmation) that never showed up on my account. I called today, and they checked the account, my name, my CC number and the confirmation number. No record of the order...