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    Pre-Order When Worlds Collide (1951) (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    I just looked up Amazon Australia and it is pre-order Aug for A$34 with free postage for me(their warehouse is also near my home) and JBHiFi is A$30 in store and about $2 postage but I love across the street from one of their many stores and another about 8mins drive away. Prices often lower...
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    Press Release Warner Archive Press Release: Girl Crazy (1943) (Blu-ray)

    Babes on Broadway. Warners should have done this first if they had known what was coming. We all know Uncle Walter censored(or the next lot of management) several 40s Disney films. With Girl Crazy I would have included the 1932 version as an extra. Of course there is a third one, When the Boys...
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    CAN-CAN 1960 will probably never be released on Blu-ray

    For those who never saw the Laserdisc for Can-Can, it has a repeat scene in and out of an office. Fox's Heidi(Sepia)had a scene of Shirley going up a hill repeated. In the Can-Can case the first finishes the side and the scene starts at the start of the next disc. Great quality control at somewhere.
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    Pre-Order The Sign of the Cross (1932) (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    What about the 1940s WW2 prologue?
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    Blu-ray Review Romance on the High Seas Blu-ray Review

    Known as It's Magic in Australia and UK and on record labels in those countries. Couldn't have romance on the high seas could we!!!!! Got my first email in over 4 weeks from DD(not even a receipt for my 30-title order but goods have been arriving at my dooor from it) and a box of 4 titles has...
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    Paramount Pre-1950 Films owned by Universal

    An interesting list. The European titles were distributed by Paramount at time. There was a company they had with ufa called Parufamet See the German Cinema Book on Google Books page 290. I think, for an article. With von Sternberg, I would think this is how they got Marlene Dietrich.
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    International 55 DAYS AT PEKING (PRE_ORDER)

    There are several of this title in Blu Ray on the Japanese site. Which one is that I need to try and order. I assume the price on your order is less their sales tax. Thanks
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    Our Miss Brooks on DVD

    Far cry from 130 episodes made. This series ran in finitum in Australia from new. Joins the likes of The Adv of Robin Hood(UK) and The Nelsons(Adv of Ozzie & Harriet) who had the same activity of repeats from the same channel. I don't think we mided as it was all new to us then.
  9. M no longer shipping orders overseas?

    Outside of any internal error, has your country demanded that Amazon US charge VAT to your orders and for Amazon to remit the tax to your country's collection agency(this includes on shipping cost)? This happened to me from Australia and I can only order from Amazon Australia who will source...
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    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Passport to Pimlico - in Blu-ray

    A few years ago, but in living memory, I read about a lab fire at a known film laboratory in London? where a number of Ealing negatives were involved and lost but never saw any list. The same applies to a lab fire that impacted on Hammer Films elements being restored and some missing material...
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    International John Huston's "Moulin Rouge" Region B BFI Blu-Ray

    USA rights to the movie are with MGM. As a bit of history, Moulin Rouge was in the MGM package of MGM films sold to Australian TV in the late 1950s and I saw the first Telecast. It was indeed a Romulus/Remus film. Of course, Jose Ferrer did the Sigmund Romberg biopix for MGM in this period.
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    1917 (2019)

    Australia a good few years ago did a color TV mini called 1915. The two women in the Sydney scenes as the girlfriends are still working in the industry.
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    Chinese TV brand Konka expanding to North America

    They had been in Australia what seemed decades as a low priced TV brand but I must admit it is not noticeable here these days and I have never had their products in my home. They seemed to have a good reputation in those early days here and advised a lot or were heavily displayed in mail box...
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    Clint Eastwood The Signature Film Collection [2019] [Region Free] Limited Edition From the UK

    Clint is translated into A$560 if UK300 is correct or over A$9 a film, plus 10% tax if applied and delivery costs. 61 films is fine in blu ray if you don't have them but... the upfront cost is too much for many people like me. Yes, I have thought about a blu ray release of Paint Your Wagon...