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    Announcing The HTF 2015 Hollywood Meet (NOW BOOKING!)

    We signed up. Burbank is nice historic airport and the hotel is within walking distance. We walked last time and it only took a few minutes but it does depend on your definition of walking distance.
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    Wreck-It Ralph - quick review

    The best part about being at the Disney Studios…was being at the Disney Studios. The walk from the parking garage to the meeting place turned into a kind of informal, self-guided tour of the lot. The buildings have that wonderful, 1930s-era architecture—but with a few whimsical twists. The...
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    Paramount Archive Tour and lunch with the Home Video Team

    We went on our first tour of Paramount Studios about 15 years ago, an interesting and enjoyable experience. When we went to Paramount with Home Theater Forum, the tour was made even more remarkable because of a little gadget called an iPad. As we stopped at various points on our stroll around...