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    2021 Track the TV Episodes You Watched

    February 12, 2021 386 Search Party 1.07 The Riddle Within the Trash (PVR) 387 Mr. Mayor 1.07 Avocado Crisis (PVR) 388 Superstore 6.09 Conspiracy of Terror (PVR) 389 Vega$ 2.03 Mixed Blessing (PVR) 390 Big Sky 1.07 I Fall to Pieces (On Demand) 391 Police Story 4.16 The Other Side of the Fence...
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    Zack Snyder's Justice League (2021)

    I'm taking apart my dining room table to make room for an organ so I can watch it in Zack Snyder's preferred format: the upcoming 4x3, black-and-white, silent version with Gaylord Carter accompanying on the mighty Wurlitzer.
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    Sanford Arms

    I am unable to find Sanford Arms on CTV Throwback though I'm sure it was there a few weeks ago. Sanford is still there so I'm not sure why they would pull this one.
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    Broadcast TV Mr. Mayor (NBC - Ted Danson)

    I think they are using the same technology on Holly Hunter that they used for Ian Holm in The Hobbit.
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    2021 Track the TV Episodes You Watched

    January 8, 2021 78 Days of Our Lives 56.073 January 7, 2021 (globaltv.com) 79 Barnaby Jones 2.14 Venus as in Flytrap (PVR) 80 Police Story 4.02 The Cutting Edge (PVR) 81 Adam-12 6.16 North Hollywood Division (PVR) 82 Industry 1.07 Pre-Crisis Activity (PVR) 83 Vega$ 1.13 The Eleventh Event...
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    Dozens of Rare Shows Suddenly Streaming on CTV Throwback

    Probably not watchable unless you are in Canada, but CTV Throwback has a plethora of short-lived and hard-to-find shows that are streaming complete series. I just finished Filthy Rich last night and now they've added The Famous Teddy Z!, The Charmings and the Powers That Be...
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    2020's Line of the Year

    At some point in 2020 I heard a hilarious line and I thought, "That's gotta be the line of the year." Come year-end, of course, I had forgotten it, but then another candidate aired just before the end of the year. So I've started this thread for people to post their "TV's Line of the Year" for...
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    2021 Track the TV Episodes You Watched

    January 1, 2021 1 The Partridge Family: 2200 A.D. 1.04 If This Is Texas — It Must Be Doomsday (ctv.ca) 2 The Partridge Family: 2200 A.D. 1.05 Cousin Sunspot (ctv.ca) 3 Days of Our Lives 56.069 December 30, 2020 (PVR) 4 Saturday Night Live 2020 A Saturday Night Live Christmas Special (PVR) 5...
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    2020 Track the TV Episodes You Watched

    December 23, 2020 2940 The Flight Attendant 1.01 In Case of Emergency (PVR) 2941 The Flight Attendant 1.02 Rabbits (PVR) 2942 The Flight Attendant 1.03 Funeralia (PVR) 2943 The Young and the Restless #12000 December 1, 2020 (On Demand) 2944 The Flight Attendant 1.04 Conspiracy Theories...
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    2020 Track the TV Episodes You Watched

    October 28, 2020 2374 Days of Our Lives 56.025 October 27, 2020 (globaltv.com) 2375 Highway Patrol 4.33 Auto Press (PVR) 2376 Hill Street Blues 1.14 Rites of Spring (1) (PVR) 2377 Hill Street Blues 1.15 Rites of Spring (2) (PVR) 2378 Vega$ 3.19 Seek and Destroy (PVR) 2379 Roseanne 13.02...
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    There was literally an interview with the producers yesterday where they said that the only pre-covid episode filmed with a live audience was the pilot and they were disappointed that they had to add canned laughter from episode 2 onwards.
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    2020 Track the TV Episodes You Watched

    August 5, 2020 1749 Barnaby Jones 3.23 Jeopardy for Two (PVR) 1750 The Alfred Hitchcock Hour 2.07 Starring the Defense (PVR) 1751 Adam-12 5.06 Badge Heavy (PVR) 1752 Dick Cavett 25856 Gig Young, Melvyn Douglas, Barbara Walters, Frank Reynolds (PVR) 1753 Colonel March of Scotland Yard...
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    Mary Tyler Moore and Her Spin-Offs

    I love Phyllis on Mary Tyler Moore. I have a feeling that Phyllis was actually a completely different, already planned show that was retooled by someone (CBS? MTM?) when they came up with the idea to have a spinoff for Phyllis. The reason I feel that is is that the whole premise is...
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    Pre-Order Mission: Impossible: The Original TV Series (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    Obviously we'll need a gypsy costume, a hologram projector and a working Space Shuttle.
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    Stargirl (DC Universe/The CW)

    Well, his initials were SP, so I assume he's Sylvester Pemberton's brother.