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    What do those little silica packets do?

    Image of Silica deposits on Mars: Is it a red planet due to salsa? Only science knows.
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    We lost Steve Tannehill

    This shows how out of touch I've gotten from the community. Just saw this now and am extremely saddened by it. "Death is a natural part of life. Rejoice for those around you who transform into the Force." - Yoda Rest in peace my internet friend.
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    What do those little silica packets do?

    So it's been awhile since I've been here... and I must admit that it made me smile to see this thread.
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    Just call me 'Thread Killer' - The Revenge

    Me either. It's a meaningless metric. Now "Joined" date on the other hand... :)
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    Just call me 'Thread Killer' - The Revenge

    Yesterday I hauled out my first HDTV-"ready" CRT television to the garage as it hadn't seen usage in years and it got me to thinking all the the time and energy that went into the decision to buy it--and all the time I spent on HTF, lo those many years ago. (I call it my first, but it was like...
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    "TERMINATOR: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" Season 2 Thread

    I've been anticipating the return of this show all summer. My interest had been piqued when the local Fox station recently ran the season 1 marathon in all its high-def glory. And now I tune in to find my stupid local affiliate is not showing the season premier in HD. Sorely disappointed...
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    So what is a good OTA HD STB these days?

    Yes. More information can be found here: www.tivo.com/desktop/
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    Is it too late to start getting into vinyl?

    It has been interesting for me to see this renewed interest in vinyl. Though I consider myself a child of the digital age, I can remember buying 45s with my weekly allowance in the mid-80s at the local Alco (long since closed thanks to Wal-Mart coming to town). My personal interest in LPs was...
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    Heroes season 1 thread

    The first 20 minutes was painful to watch... just awful. However, I stuck it out thinking to myself, "it has to get better than this". Thankfully, it started to get interesting and definitely shows some promise. I'll be tuning in next week.
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    2006 NFL Discussion Thread

    Denver's defense was their only saving grace--by all rights, they should have been losing 49-10 by the time the fourth quarter rolled around. Denver's D was put in bad positions all day long by an inept offense and did a hell of a job of keeping the team within a single score throughout the...
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    Little Miss Sunshine

    I actually liked the movie so much when I saw it two weeks ago, I did see it twice that weekend. :)
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    6:06 6/6/06 Where were you?

    Just like every other day: in my basement sacrificing goats.
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    Is Trademark monitoring really nessecary?

    In related news: Wal-Mart attempts to trademark the Smiley Face.