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    The cure for AIDS?

    I watched something on PBS today about research that was done in a small town called Eyam where alot of people didn't get the plague even though everyone else around them did. Their research led to some interesting discoveries which also pertain to HIV and AIDS. Here's a link to the story
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    is it really necessary to seal tile grout right away?

    Ted, I'm certainly not any kind of expert, but have bought two brand new homes in the last 4 years and have honestly never heard of such a thing. My tile has consisted solely of floor tile in bathrooms though. How do you apply it? Spread it over the whole area and then wipe off the surface of...
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    Signing the back of a credit card...double-edged sword?

    I get pissed as hell at cashiers who ask to see my ID. Part of my agreement with my credit card is that I sign the back and the store accepts it. That simple. Asking for ID is as bad as those stores that want your phone number when you buy something like Radio Shack used to do. I'm not worried...
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    I'm looking for some advice on improving my hard drive setup

    Wow, the only reason I even mentioned ME was to demonstrate that it sucked and I had to load 98 to have a computer that worked, but may have gone back and forth a time or two which made me think it would be a good idea to do a reinstall of XP when I ran into problems formatting the new hard...
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    I'm looking for some advice on improving my hard drive setup

    To start with this computer is close to 4 years old but suits my needs perfectly, put it together myself. So it's not the newest thing. A year or so ago I wanted to add a hard drive to my computer that was running windows XP pro. My original 20 gig HD had been converted from fat32 to NTFS when I...
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    What movie do you belong in?

    Moulin Rouge! What movie Do you Belong in?(many different outcomes!) brought to you by Quizilla
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    Another Yeti Pingu game (out today)

    Albatros Overload http://www.yetisports.net/e_index.php# My high total is about 4000 and about 1450 for one flight
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    Supposedly terrific movies that just didn't do it for you... and why.

    The Fifth Element I tried watching with this with some of my friends and we are all about the same age (mid to late 20's). Not one of us could find anything even halfway decent in this film. I still get andgry to this day whenever I see the title or think of that horrendous experience. And...
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    Any golfers in the house? I have a question...

    I had a 10 degree driver and had the chance to try a 7.5 degree one. A few years I tried an 8 degree and just couldn't get it anywhere near the fairway. The 7.5 degree is a Great big bertha titanium that I was getting a great deal on so I took it. I hit it much better and straighter than my old...
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    FS: Denon AVR-4800

    Price reduced to $700.
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    FS: Denon AVR-4800

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    FS: Denon AVR-4800

    Like the topic says I have a Denon AVR-4800 for sale. It is just over 2 years old. I just upgraded and have no place for it. I would like to get $850, but will take offers. It still looks brand new and works great. Here are the specs. DENON AVR 4800 THX Ultra Surround EX A/V Receiver...
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    Cold War essay help

    Maybe it's just me, or the way I read the question or the outline, but make sure you focus on how these critical periods shaped domestic and foreign policies of the United states. And maybe not just governing policies, but also some bit on how the public's attitude during the cold war helped...
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    Can Someone Tell Me Where I Can Hire A First-Rate "Toothpaste Applier"?

    The President does not make 1 million a year. He makes $400,000 a year. http://www.govspot.com/know/presidentsalary.htm
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    Just got new Sunfire Cinema Grand Sig

    It didn't replace anything, I added the amp and now use my Denon 4800 as a preamp only and use the Sunfire to power my studio 100's, 20's and center. And it sounds wonderful, I am very happy with it.