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    Stargate: The Ark of Truth - Official Press Release

    I think some1 messed up on the Canadian price. I think it should read $27.98, not $37. I dont see how the price up here could possibly be $11 more expensive, especially with our high dollar, and the fact that the show is made here. If anything I think it would cost less here.
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    Married... With Children: Season 7 - Is it coming?

    I am dissapointed here because Im one the people that enjoyed the later seasons much more. I think I like them more because crazy unreal stuff happens like kelly inventing bleen and that virtual reality machine. It made the jokes so funny. + When the kids got older there were more jokes about...
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    TV Shows You've Bought but Won't Complete

    seinfeld. For some reason, I did not watch it as a kid like everyone else. So I bought the first 3 seasons since everyone said it was so great, and I thought it was stupid. Sliders. Mid-season 3 the show really tanked. I do enjoy the first half of season 3 so I ills till get the set in te...
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    Whats a good home theater magazine?

    Now that im finally selling these nice Big screen hi-def tvs, I want to get a magazine where I can read about current news and see pictures of upcoming products. I follow the internet regularly but I just want a mag that I can lye back and read sometime, + show around to the guys at work...
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    Anything like an ipod which can do hi-def out?

    Well I sell Hi-def Tvs and the source picture at my store is some crappy split coax cable or split component standard def picture. Its sorta hard selling hdtvs to customers when the images in the store are not even HD. I just thought It would help me sell more (thus make me more money) if I...
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    Anything like an ipod which can do hi-def out?

    Something I can carry around different resolutions of video in my pocket with, but is capable of being hooked up to a tv through like component or hdmi or something. Like how you can connect an ipod to a tv... but in HD. Not nesecarily a IPOD device im talking about here. I just need a portable...
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    HDTV screens vs. toddlers

    well with a plasma or lcd you can hang it on the wall, out of reach from the kids. If they are potty trained, certainly you can get them to colour in books and not on walls and especially not TVS. Buy a really big colouring book for them. As a child, not me or my 3 sibblings ever drew on...
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    Any TVs currently on market that accept a 1080p signal?

    ok then.. perhaps your right. But all the tvs We sell right now are listed as virtual 1080p
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    Any TVs currently on market that accept a 1080p signal?

    I work at Future shop in the TV section. All TVs on the market are deffenitly NOT 1080P. All the 1080P sets out now are simply "virtual" and the signal is upconverted to 1080p. To claim this is true 1080p is like claiming that watching a regular DVD upconverted to 720p is like watching an...
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    James Bond Ultimate Edtions Surface in the uk

    I hate all region 2 covers. Not the art so much but the stupid rating system. They put these big ugly numbers right on the front cover spine and back which makes it look terrible. I like how my region 1 covers only have a really tiny number (which is more sleek looking too) on the back of the...
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    Anyway to get permenant marker off a dvd?

    I heard of this goo gone stuff before and wanted to buy some so I can remove the sticky residue from when I peel stuff off or on my DVD cases. But which kind should I buy? I just searched online and theres like 25 different kinds of goo-gone. also, would Canadian tire sell it? And if not, what...
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    Anyway to get permenant marker off a dvd?

    I just got back from my local blockbuster with "the thirteenth floor". Excited to finally watch this movie, I open it up to discover a horrific site. Apparently the DVD is one of those siade A fullscreen and Side B widescreen type dealies, and the moneky working at blockbuster, wrote a big...
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    Simpsons Season Six On August 16th

    Just got my packaging today. Im disapointed in the fact that this $5 package is just a slipcover and not a full digipack. However I like it more because IT now matches my other sets (from a spine perspective). Unfortuenetly The idiots who made this replacement did not put a Top on it. Im going...
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    Simpsons Season Six On August 16th

    has any1 actually got the replacement box yet? I feel I sent away ages ago and they still havent cashed my check. And for those saying the replacement packaging is free, well its not. I had to pay $4.99 to get them to ship it to me and It doesnt cost $4.99 to ship a folded dvd box...
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    Simpsons Season Six On August 16th

    They are. Its called dvdcoverart.org and its a billion times better then the original cause all the covers are free.