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    Somewhat easy plumbing question

    Pipe Size Threaded Fitting Unthreaded Pipe Pipe size is the accepted industry designation, not the actual measured size. To determine pipe size, first measure the inside diameter (ID) or outside diameter (OD) of a threaded fitting or the OD of unthreaded pipe, as shown at left...
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    The Family Guy New Season (2005) Thread

    I was hoping for that too. The street fighter names had me laughing as well as Peter making love to the fat. "it is exactly what it looks like"
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    Let's talk Beer

    My favorite is Brooklynn Black Chocolate Stout.
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    (un)Official HTF Greater Cincinnati Meet (V.3)

    Well, I got to say it this week GO BENGALS!!!
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    http://www.ens-newswire.com/ens/jul2...5-07-01-02.asp sugar is cane much more efficient for making ethanol, that is why brazil has done it already.
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    4-16-05 4th Cleveland HT Meet!!!! Come on over!

    Hey George, I've been really busy lately at work. I just started painting my theater, should have it done by the end of the long weekend. Oh yeah, I just order some 090 berks yesterday, be jealous:D. To bad they won't be here in time for the first browns game, although I should have everything...
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    Congrats Tiger - take that Johnny Miller!

    Well, the wind wasn't really blowing that hard all week. Most of the good scores were shot on thursday and friday with less good scores on the weekend because of some extra wind. Had the wind been blowing at 20 mph instead of the 10-15, the scores would be higher. I like to see Tiger win as...
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    4-16-05 4th Cleveland HT Meet!!!! Come on over!

    Thanks for the suggestion on paint, but I used to work at the Sherwin Williams technology, so I have the hook up for paint. I also scored some acoustic foam 1' by 1' by 2" tiles and some diffusors. A guy at work was getting rid of his home studio and sold them to me for a nice discount. I...
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    4-16-05 4th Cleveland HT Meet!!!! Come on over!

    Hey Guys, what have all you been upto? I am slowing getting my movie room done. Finally got the projector mounted, center speaker mounted and rear speakers mounted. I was doing some calibrations last night and ran a 200 Hz to 20 Hz sweep and yikes do I have a giant peak at about 38 Hz. How...
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    It has begun

    don't know what happened to the first link, but thanks Nick.
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    It has begun

    Click Me Only 8995 more versions to go.
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    4-16-05 4th Cleveland HT Meet!!!! Come on over!

    was planning on it, except the part of the front wall that will be used as the screen. that or dark red for the side walls and the back wall and black for the ceiling and front wall...probably will just go with all black, though. I will probably paint the screen a light greyish color.
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    This FREAKS me out

    he couldn't get subwoofer, although he got close by guessing stereo system.
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    4-16-05 4th Cleveland HT Meet!!!! Come on over!

    Tweaking is pretty fun. Not sure how loud I will be able to play since I have a connected neighbor on either side, but I do have a basement so that should really help the noise. I will just have to do a sound check to see what is reasonable. I should be able to play it louder than in my...