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    ***Official Survivor: Thailand Discussion Thread ***

    Well I'm satisfied. A fairly good installment in what at first seemed to be a rather dull one. There were a lot of new twists and turns. This was probably one of the more heated Q&A tribal sessions too. I didn't realize there was so much anger directed at Brian. I too thought the...
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    Simpsons 12/15/02 - how did it end?

    Quite obvious he was the person after Homer as he was the only new person in the show. Usually there are generic characters that fill in for other positions. I recognized Grimey's voice too. Pretty lame episode. They bring "Sideshow Bob" back for no reason. In fact SB had made peace with Bart...
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    Favorite James Newton Howard scores?

    The music when David Dunn gets pulled out of the pool in Unbreakable... It makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up every time.
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    ***Official Survivor: Thailand Discussion Thread ***

    I wouldn't be so sure about Clay making it to the finals just because he might lose the jury vote. The producers want to keep the audience guessing and with all the footage they have they can show only certain opinions to fool us. It's what I'd do to keep the show fresh. On the other...
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    Firefly 12/13/02

    Solid episode. I really hope Firefly finds a new home.
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    Firefly 12/06/02

    Maybe in your universe.
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    Enterprise 2002-12-11: mind-melded thread.

    No. Read the reviews later and if it looks good watch it on Space on Sunday.
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    The Eternal Angelriffic Thread (Merged)

    Is Angel's heart STILL beating? They never revisited this.
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    Looking For A New Laptop

    A co-worker of mine had an HP laptop that literally melted down. He returned it and got a Toshiba instead. I have had a Sony VAIO for over a year with zero problems.
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    Firefly 12/06/02

    That Malcolm is one tough hombre. Good episode.
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    ***Official Survivor: Thailand Discussion Thread ***

    This was probably the best reward challenge of any Survivor series to date. It's too bad that they caved in and let their loved ones back. Not to sound like an ogre but the survivors are not being too hard done by. I think that they have been getting too soft on the survivors. On Australian...
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    The Simpsons and Alfred Hitchcock

    The Psycho shower scene parody when Maggie clonked Homer with the hammer. Very well done.
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    The Simpsons 12/01/02

    A few laughs. They really are all over the map these last few seasons. And what the hell was with the last scene with Homer and the hose?? I'd say it was a fairly average episode. Not up to their high standards but typical of the last few years. And is it me or does Homer cry in every...
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    Smallville 11-26-02

    I agree - pretty lacklustre and predictable. Seems like they are continuing with the monster-of-the week schtick with or without the green K. I think it's time to start on the storyline of Clark getting some real answers to his origin. The show is meandering this season and not breaking any...