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    Moving to the World of "Manual"

    I had not been happy with some of the results of my photography and I knew it had to be me..definitely not my equipment. I took someone's advice and bought "Understanding Exposure" by Bryan Peterson and have made it part way through and he convinced me to quit trying to rely on the camera to do...
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    The Official HTF Cat Thread

    Our House Queen - Annette Funicello (the entire litter at the foster home we got her from was named after the Mouseketeers). She is a pretty big kitty - she can place her paws on the counter top when standing on her hind feet...
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    Advice on New 2.8 Telephoto Lens

    In 2011 the active participants of this forum were helpful in helping me select a new camera and appropriate lenses for a gift for my wife (and I) based on the planned uses of the camera. This forum provided more help versus just being "fanboys" of various brands, etc. like the photography...
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    Some first shots from the new camera

    My wife and I both had a chance to use our new Nikon 5100 at our son's cross country meet this past weekend. Although we defintely have alot to learn using a DSLR, the camera was relatively easy to use with minimal reading of the users manual. Most of the shots were taken using the "sports" mode...
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    Passed the PE exam

    Congrats - I passed the PE in Civil Engineering back in 1991 and understand the sense of relief. Good luck! Mike
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    24: Season Eight

    Just call him Jack "Wolverine" Bauer.
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    Do you refurbish/fix your gas BBQ, or toss/replace it?

    I bought our Broil King 13 years ago. At that time it cost about $450. In the 13 years I replaced the grates under warranty in about 3 years after it was purchased and have had the same grates for 10 years and they still work just fine. The first ones were actually recalled due to a...
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    Questions about Ebay?

    I will not bid on items that charge ridiculous amounts for shipping. For example, I was looking at an Adcom preamp. The item weighs less than 10 lbs shipped and typically sells for about $100. The seller had buy-it-now for $110 (not a bad amount), but wanted $40 for shipping and...
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    Who still subscribes to newspapers/magazines?

    Still get the local rag (KC Star) and several HT related magazines. On-line articles tend to be shorter and lack depth and I can't sit back in an easy chair and read a magazine on the internet. I have yet to find a magazine or newpaper related website that is as in-depth or as simple to...
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    24: Season Seven

    I agree. The heart attack was a drug induced reaction. Once your stop it and get the drug out of the system (which was supposed to be a short acting drug) then he would recover quite nicely and quickly. On the other hand, going from almost dying in surgery from blood loss due to a gunshot to...
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    New Diana Krall CD 3-31-2009 (and other new Krall releases)

    I don't mind the music and the softer beats, but her vocals seem to be lifeless and she could cut out a little of the "breathiness". I know she can put emotion in her singing, even at slower speeds, without resorting to heavy breathing! I agree though, the bottom of my Diana Krall stack still...
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    New Diana Krall CD 3-31-2009 (and other new Krall releases)

    I have all of Diana Krall's CD's / DVD's etc. I think this is her or her engineer's worst effort in a long time. I normally really like listening to her, but after listening to this CD multiple times I think it will go to the bottom of the Krall CD listing. It just seemes lackluster and I...
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    24: Season Seven

    Isn't that why they call it "acting".......one of the most fun parts about acting is learning how to play a character that is diametrically oppossed to your lifestyle / personality / beliefs. I spent time on stage during high school and college and the the ability to be able suspend your beliefs...
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    2009 MLB Thread

    Going back to last season it is 34 innings with no runs for Zack Greinke. With Meche and Grienke 1 and 2, Kyle Davies in the 3 slot starting the season well (up to today anyway), and the Mexicutioner (Joakim Soria) closing out the games the Royals may actually have a chance to make some noise in...
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    24: Season Seven

    Sorry about the language - FINE = Fucked-up, Insecure, Neurotic, and Evasive