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    Good Compact Speaker Recommendations?

    I just recently moved into a smaller apartment and I'm looking for a more compact system. Obviously Bose is out of the question, but are there any high quality compact speakers out there that may fit the bill? They don't have to be as small as Bose, but something under 10" that can easily be...
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    WTB: Looking for Progressive Scan DVD player

    Hi, I was robbed 3 days ago :frowning:, and one of the items stolen was my dvd player, so now I'm looking for something to replace it. I'd be interested in particular with the following models: Panasonic XP30, XP50, RP82, CP72 SACD a plus, but not neccessary LMK what you got! e-mail...
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    Samsung DVD-HD931 Progressive Scan DVD Player with DVI output for $234.94 shipped!

    Great price, but I hear it's not worth it if unless you can utilize the DVI-out (otherwise picture is not that great). I would think though that component output would be at least equal if not superior to most other players given that it sports the new FLI2300 Faroudja chip. EDIT: Looks like...
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    Pioneer DV-563A Review

    I've read through all 10 pages, and about 99% of the comments has been on audio performance. It seems like most people are buying this not for DVD's but for the SACD/DVD-audio playback. Can anyone comment on the video quality progressive output and how it might compare to a fairly high-end unit...
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    Pioneer DV-563A Review

    How does the video section compare to a player of the Panasonic XP30 caliber?
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    Upgrading Power Cord on TV?

    Hi, I just got a new RPTV, and I was wondering if upgrading the powercord would potentially make a significant difference. I know in the audio world with receivers, amps and cd-players, it's touted to make quite a difference, and I've heard it making a difference in the video section of dvd...
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    FS: NEW Dual Format DVD Burner DVD-R/W, DVD+R/W, CD-R/W: Nothing this drive can't do!

    This is the latest in DVD burning technology, the Lite-On LDW-400. This is the fastest Dual Format DVD burner available! Here are the specs: 4X DVD-R write speeds 4X DVD+R write 2X DVD-RW rewrite 2.4X DVD+RW rewriting 8X DVD-ROM reading speeds 24X CD-R writing, 10X CD-RW rewriting...
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    FS: Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 80GB hard drive

    I have a used Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 5400RPM 80GB hard drive for only $55 + shipping! Perfect for mass storage or TIVO/ReplayTV units! Fast, reliable and quiet. Doesn't run as hot as 7200RPM's either. I kept my OS and programs on my 7200RPM drive and my media files (videos, music, etc) on...
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    KV-32HS510 - Just got it and It's AWESOME

    I wonder how this compares to the 32hv600? It's last years model, but it allows you to adjust the DRC and turn it turn off, which the 32hs510 doesn't allow you to do from what you say.
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    FS: 2.4GHz Wireless Broadband Router/Access Point, 4X DVD+R/W Burner *BLACK FACEPLATE

    Chris, I believe winxp should auto detect the drive, but regardless the drivers are included! I just sent ya an e-mail
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    FS: Harman Kardon Signature 2.1 5 channel amp!

    Due to amounting bills (hospital and credit card), I have to make sacrifices and sell some equipment. I have a used in excellent condition, Harman Kardon Signature 2.1 5 channel amp for sale. The Signature 2.1 Features High-Current Ultrawide-Bandwidth design Amps (2 masssive capacitors per...
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    FS: 2.4GHz Wireless Broadband Router/Access Point, 4X DVD+R/W Burner *BLACK FACEPLATE

    Dave, Well I'd like to sell as a bundle. Think of the software as a 'nice' bonus ;)