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    *** Official EASTERN PROMISES Discussion Thread

    Like "A History of Violence" I felt unsatisfied with the ending...on my second viewing of that film I was able to appreciate much more. I'm hoping the same will be true for "Eastern Promises." Other people have already stated what I feel about the movie: its wonderfully directed, acted, and...
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    Scorsese's new rock doc - "Shine a Light"

    Looks like a lot of fun. The Stones look as laid back and free spirited as ever, while Scorsese just looks amazed at how little control he has over them. :)
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    The Office: Season 3

    Any thoughts on how this season will end? I vaguely remember reading the actress who plays Karen hasn't had her contract renewed for next season
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    The Office: Season 3

    Interesting how they've made Roy an unlikely source of motivation for Pam. This series really unfolds at the right pace.
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    College degree = worthless

    The Bill Gates example is a good one; degrees do not indicate intelligence. I believe one of the first things they talked about in a psychology course I had a few years back was the fact that high grades weren't an indicator of actual intelligence, it showed you were successful at achievement...
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    Funniest line in a movie?....

    Bill Murray in Groundhog Day: Murray's character runs into an old acquaintance from high school on the street and spends five minutes "chatting" before he can finally get away from him; once he meets up with Andie McDowell she asks why he's late: "It was awful, a giant leech attacked me."
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    *** Official ZODIAC Discussion Thread

    Caught this film again over the weekend, really enjoyed it a second time through. Describing it as JFK meets the woefully underrated Summer of Sam may not be far off. The HD cinematography was also beautifually presented - the composition and lighting of the taxi-driver murder scene was very...
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    *** Official The Departed Discussion Thread

    Scorsese says in the deleted scene introductions: He's not sure if Delahunt (the character who dies from the bullet wound on the couch) is actually a police mole or not --- its simply up to the viewer decide. He did, on the other hand, enjoy how the humanity of the character came out as he...
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    *** Official ZODIAC Review Thread

    Really, really enjoyed the hell out of this --- this may well be Fincher's most accomplished work yet. And I loved the: sequence where the writing was super imposed over the office walls as the letters began to pour in over and over again...reminiscent of the catalogue sequence in Fight...
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    The Office: Season 3

    While not one of the better episodes this season, it gave a quick snapshot of where the characters all stand: Jim is still interested in Pam Pam is still interested in Jim, but still can't admit it so she regresses back to Roy. Micheal still doesn't have a clue.
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    24: Season Six thread

    Very true, the X-Files started it all.
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    The Office: Season 3

    Don't know if I bought Jan flying off to Jamaica with Michael - she's been getting more and more frustrated with him this season and didn't seem too upset about informing him of the fact he was being fired.
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    Ocean's 13

    Interesting to see Andy Garcia back. Glad they got Pacino in this one too; you really need a heavyweight to stand up to the star power of these guys now after two films.
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    The Departed: Feb. 13

    Can't wait for this one --- plus The Prestige and Casino Royale are rumoured to be coming around then as well ! :D