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    Samsung 61" DLP vs. Mitsubishi 65713

    Cynthia, Download the Samsung DLP guide from the following link. It will tell you a lot about the units including recommended DVD players. Sammy DLP Guide You really want a DVD player with DVI outputs to get the most out of your new set. Fortunately there are several to choose from...
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    Reference CD's from Classic Rock to Current Rock/Pop/Electronic

    Kip Lackey, Try Skynyrd's "Endangered Species" CD. Will shock the hell out of you.
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    Those that ordered a Pioneer 45tx..how long did it take

    John Lehman is who you need to contact. See previous post.
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    4ES Discontinued

    Thanks for the scoop, Albert...
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    4ES Discontinued

    Does this explain the disappearance of Rex Carson??? :frowning:
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    Receiver recommendation please, spend my money...

    I've researched a lot on here, other sites, and the old fashioned way...listening. I'm committed to getting a 45TX, as soon as my tax return gets here. Second place goes to the 4ES. Rex Carson...we miss you. :frowning:
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    What Speakers Do You Own?

    Spendor BC-1's.
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    Where's the new Ascend center?

    Ben, Did they say when you'd be getting the 340? Any idea how much trade-in value you'll get? (If you'd rather PM me with the answer, I'll understand.) -mf
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    Aperion vs. Ascend

    Anyone have thoughts on how these two brands compare to Axiom?
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    Pioneer's New Receivers

    A 45TX user should read the 912 manual (linked above) and tell us the differences.
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    Pioneer's New Receivers

    912 manual: http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/Pi...1954183030.pdf
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    bookshelves for < $800

    Following up on Scott's suggestion - go to Whetstone and talk to Brian. He has a varied range of speakers to cover your needs.
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    Austin---where to demo headphones?

    Oh...and HOOK-EM!! :D
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    Austin---where to demo headphones?

    There are only 3 mid-fi/high end stores in town, so one could just make a few calls to see what's available for dem: High Fidelity, Audio Systems, and Whetstone (my favorite).
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    Who are your favorite audio designers?

    Lee: In order: Naim Exposure Neat Acoustics Spendor