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    UCLA student gets tasered and no to very little media attention

    "would you physically pick him up and haul him down the stairs" Is that too much to ask? I know it was implied that this would be a difficult task due to the stairs but this being a college library I'd imagine it's wheelchair accessible via ramp or elevator. And was giving him the taser...
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    So would you work in a building on ancient Indian Burial Grounds?

    What about live American Indians getting upset? I'm one and it's a little unsettling to me and not because of any bogus, haunted, poltergeist tripe. Would it be alright to put a strip mall over Gettysburg? Condos on old death camp sites? I guess the question is how long is long enough? "If...
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    Dakota Fanning as Member of the Academy

    They probably feel no different about it than they do about her appearing in a rated R movie, something she's done in the past.
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    question about "song"? used in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

    I found this in the script but I don't know if it was an invention of Jeffery Boam or based on a real toast: CONTINUED: They exchange an old University Club toast, swinging their arms at one another and missing. Then HENRY flaps his arms and tugs his ears. HENRY "Genius of the...
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    Identify this comedy?

    I seem to rememebr something like that happening on the TV show "Ed".
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    I was almost in a car accident today.

    I was in a bad one about a year ago in Arizona. We were traveling in my Father's RV when the car in front of us (looked like a Cadillac) decided to pass the dump truck that was ahead of him in a no-passing lane. Instantly we saw that he was going to hit another car (a Chevy Blazer) in oncoming...
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    Need Sci-Fi movie identified -- please

    Could it be X-The Unknown from '56? More information here: X - The Unknown Apparently the film features a nasty mud like substance that melts it's victims. Sounds interesting.
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    American adaptations of Japanese films prior to "The Magnificent Seven"?

    It looks like Magnificent Seven was the first out of the gate, at least for films. I found some info on a Broadway play starring Rod Steiger that was published in '59 that was an adaptation of Rashomon. Also Sidney Lumet directed a teleplay in 1960 of the Rashomon adaptation starring Ricardo...
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    Please stop with the clapping...

    Now that's a great idea. The only place you can go and not have to hear happy people and their damn clapping! We just sit around with our arms folded whilst complaining about everyone else. Thanks.
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    Please stop with the clapping...

    So I re-read my initial post from yesterday and thought; 'wow, what a bitter prick'! So let me apologize for going a tad overboard and explain what lead me write it in the first place. The other night I saw King Kong and loved it. It's one of those films that I was happy to see on the big...
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    Please stop with the clapping...

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    Please stop with the clapping...

    Again. Unless you're at the opening premiere, special showing or something along those lines with the stars, filmmakers, or money men...please do not clap during the film I paid to see. I've heard and read long diatribes against those surly heathens that choose to annoy the majority of filmgoers...
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    Name the movie

    Could be "Deadlier Than The Male" from '66. Does this ring a bell? That's from a reader review on Amazon.com. Here's the imdb link. Deadlier Than The Male