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    Vizio 55" LCD TV E552VLE Review

    Greetings If you set the brightness correctly, it would never end up over darkening the rest of the picture. Regards
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    Panasonic TC-P60ST60 - Some Newbie(ish) Questions

    Greetings For additional learning, visit the TLVEXP.com website for a bunch more learning ... plenty of articles there. And then tutorial free videos ... After that, if you still want more knowledge and you feel your time is worth more to you than spending another year searching for scraps of...
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    Panasonic TC-P60ST60 - Some Newbie(ish) Questions

    Greetings The usual recommendation for a projector is to get 50 hours on the bulb first before a professional calibration. The light bulb changes color characteristics in the early part of its life. That said, a person can still do all the user control stuff himself right away ... and if...
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    Panasonic TC-P60ST60 - Some Newbie(ish) Questions

    Greetings There isn't really a correlation between calibration and waiting 100 to 200 hours ... Plasma sets drift about the same amount in the first 6 months if you calibrate them brand spanking new ... versus the second 6 months after that. Since drift is the same ... where is this massive...
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    Left google browser on Plasma accidentally, Major burn in

    Greetings Try a high contrast burn ... so go to dynamic mode and keep running bright and varied material over night ... again and again ... Burn in doesn't happen in a day ... but as you guessed, you might be contributed to it for a lot longer and the final 8 hours made it really apparent...
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    Optimal size screen for my projector?

    Greetings just remember that the larger you go in size, the more often the bulb will need to be changed ... The image will become noticably dimmer at a faster rate on a 130" screen than a 106" screen. I have some clients that go the extreme end with a 2.35 perforated screen. On those set...
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    Left google browser on Plasma accidentally, Major burn in

    Greetings It is hard to get burn in over the course of one day. At this early point, it is just image retension. You can reduce or completely eliminate it by just watching material that fills the screen for a few days to a week. My Samsung plasma gets image retension after just watching w/s...
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    Active 3d or Passive

    Greetings More light loss with the active system than the passive system. Also comes down to the choice of cheap glasses or more expensive glasses. The Active ones are more expensive. On paper, the passive has less resolution than the active, but in practice, it is close since the brain...
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    3D Glasses for Epson 5020

    Greetings Mix and match isn't so good especially if you plan to calibrate the projector. Too much variance between the glasses ... and once you go to third party, the variances get even worse. Regards
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    Good value for a 46" LED TV

    Greetings If you continue to behave like that, then plasma is out. LG LED/LCD units continue to use IPS screens so they have the best viewing angles. Very tweakable. Samsungs have lesser viewing angles and are less tweakable at that price point. Sharps tend to have the worst viewing angles. Sony...
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    Advice Please -- Samsung UN60EH6000FXZA or Sharp AQUOS 70LE600U for New Home Theater

    Greetings The Samsung has better viewing angles than the sharp. Likely has a shiny surface though which makes it more reflective than the Sharp as they use matte surfaces to reduce reflections. Both are equally as tweakable from a calibration perspective. regards
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    Best Buy ISF Calibration?

    Greetings Even some of the best BB calibrators (That really care about what they do because they are enthusiasts first) have told us that people have about a 1 in 10 chance of getting a BB calibrator that actually is any good and cares about what he does. From the mouths of BB guys themselves...
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    Help!! Panasonic GT50 or VT50 65"?

    Greetings Calibration cannot overcome engineering differences. Both displays are THX certified, but the VT has slight better black levels than the GT. In a home without the two TVs side by side to compare ... doubtful that one could notice. Regards
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    Newb Looking for 60" HDTV Around $1000

    Greetings Although plasma is better for gaming ... speed/responsiveness wise ... gaming is not good for plasma on the image retention-burn in side. Get an LED/LCD set if you game a lot. Image quality becomes secondary here since most game makers don't care what their games look like on the tvs...
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    Projector Calibration

    Greetings Light bulb changes colors in the first little while when you turn on the projector. regards