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    What Does XM/Sirius Merger Mean for Opie and Anthony?

    O&A just aren't that relevant in the satellite business and they'll definitely end up back on terrestrial.
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    ever put mattes on a plasma

    I guess the days of the old HTF are long gone. We used to talk about mattes all the time here. People used to create them to black out the extra bars when watching 2.35:1 DVDs (and any widescreen DVDs on a 4:3 set). It may seem silly but it gave more pleasing picture since no set has a truly...
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    ever put mattes on a plasma

    I'd like to keep the grey side bars or dynamic grey side graphics in order to reduce the chance of an permanent image retention when watching 4:3 material. But buy, I sure don't like looking at them. My concern is heat. The front glass of plasmas can get a bit warm and I have to wonder if...
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    DualDisc may not be "all that" according to this

    As opposed to 99.9% of SACD buyers. I'm not totally wild about DualDisc, but the ones I have play fine. Ultimately this just means less high-res and surround pop/rock, but I guess some will celebrate that as they would rather have no high-res or surround than to have some that comes from a...
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    Opie and Anthony Returning to Terrestrial Radio

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that this is a bad deal for XM. The old deal (Opie and Anthony exclusive) didn't make any sense, as meaningful portion of any national demographic really cares about O&A. People don't even know who the hell they are. This deal makes a lot more sense for XM...
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    Opie and Anthony Returning to Terrestrial Radio

    I'd say it shows that they simply are too small potatoes to draw actual subscribers to satellite radio and that there's no money to be made locking them up as an exclusive.
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    Time to cancel

    Ron, What channels do you listen to? Jam On, Disorder, and the Jazz stations are what fit my tastes, and they are pretty far removed from FM around here, by a country mile! I can't speak for stuff like the 70s or 80s channels but I'd rather have a root canal than listen to any nostalgia pop...
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    Opie and Anthony Returning to Terrestrial Radio

    Wow, this kind of move is made out of fear, not strength. Maybe it'll work out but this really validates that things haven't been going well for them.
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    XM Director Quits

    The feds would not likely allow the two to merge. We went through this a while back with DISH and DirecTV. They won't allow the monopoly.
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    XM Satellite Radio Wins Top Honors at the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show

    Have they predicted how the ratings will compare in the 'war'? Starting this summer, Arbitron will track individual and show ratings for satellite. Presumably Opie and Anthony think they'll have the higher ratings, right?
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    Emarketer predictions of XM vs. SIRIUS subscriber growth

    Just think how many subs XM will get once Sirius goes under due to their bad deal with Howard Stern! ;)
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    Fox News Gone?

    Now we get the full Stephanie Miller show instead of Alan Colmes. Wish they had gotten rid of Fox long ago!
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    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: The 40-Year-Old Virgin - Unrated Edition (RECOMMENDED)

    I'm really mad that the theatrical version isn't available in widescreen. I liked the theatrical edit, and if they aren't going to use branching, they should make both versions available. :angry:
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    *** Official SERENITY Discussion Thread

    I still want to know Book's mysterious backstory. I was surprised that he was killed off.
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    XM and Sirius are coming under attack by the music industry

    Both XM and Sirius are much worse quality than the 192kbps vbr MP3s that I encode. And they are both worse than FM through a quality receiver. I could make a better recording on a metal-bias cassette. The MPAA is silly.