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    Best "show off" soundtracks that are not bombastic.

    Another soundtrack that impressed me was Casper.it had great directionality and complexity beyond what I expected for a film of that type.
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    Best "show off" soundtracks that are not bombastic.

    When people show off a sound system they usually choose stuff with explosions and action. Does anyone have any goto movies for showing off soundtracks that are more of a subdued nature. For me, it would be Hugo. From the scenes with the clockwork gears clicking away all around you to the...
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    International Bell Book And Candle Spanish Import

    I went and got it. I believe it is a BD-R but it seems the transfer is the same as the TT release based on the reviews I have seen (good overall transfer, somewhat grainy). Even if it is BD-R I would not proclaim it a bootleg. It just may be the way the people the studio farms out the film to...
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    International Bell Book And Candle Spanish Import

    I hadn't seen BB&C until today so I hadn't thought of purchasing Twilight Time's limited edition until I saw it and liked it. Now, it is out of print and pricey though but there is the Spanish import...
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    24p streaming interference

    Does anyone have any idea what is going on here. I can only describe it as interference that comes and goes. The unit is a Panasonic BDT 500 connected to a Panasonic TV via HDMI The streaming has a selectable 24p output which I enjoy using. But lately the use of 24p more often than not shows...
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    New generation blu ray players lacking analog outputs

    Not that I need a new blu ray player yet but I was just browsing and was surprised to find that the newest blu ray players have only HDMI and digital audio out. This is distressing because my current setup utilizes both the HDMI and composite video outs. The HDMI goes into the big TV and the...
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    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Pollyanna -- in Blu-ray

    I have Pollyanna, The Parent Trap and In Search Of The Castaways to stream in high definition from VUDU. To me, Pollyanna always seemed the weakest of the 3 picture quality wise. I think they utilized the HD transfer used for the old DVD. Parent Trap is definitely a new post DVD release...
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    Streaming audio anomalies

    It was beyond the issues of compressed audio though.
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    Streaming audio anomalies

    I am recovering from something that is limiting my mobility and therefore my ability to pull out a blu ray/DVD. I want to see. So, I have been streaming more. A movie I have wanted to add to my Vudu library for a bit was The Towering Inferno, even though I have the blu ray. So, I finally did...
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    The Hindenburg - What a sad, sad, sad transfer! Any chance for a 35th Anniv. 2010

    I just bought the used DVD on the cheap just so I could use it for the Vudu disc to digital HD version. Probably not the best HD transfer but it is OAR and looks better than anamoprhic DVD (to say nothing of non anamorphic).
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    Blu-ray Review Assault on Precinct 13 Collector's Edition Blu-ray Review

    Now she's one of the real Beverly Hills house wives.
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    Blu-ray Review Assault on Precinct 13 Collector's Edition Blu-ray Review

    Good review, however, please note that it was Kim Richards, not Kim Fields that was the little girl.
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    Criterion ready to release IT’S A MAD MAD MAD MAD WORLD

    Regarding Mickey Rooney, if you ever want a surreal experience, listen to the commentary he did on the DVD/Blu ray sets for his Twilight Zone episode. Regarding Marvin Kaplin, he posts on Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/marvin.kaplan.77?ref=ts&fref=ts