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    In an HT system, you don't HAVE to use a center channel *or* a subwoofer

    You definitely are a candidate for a center speaker for movies. For myself, I can sit at either end of our couch (5' wide seating area), and I still get a rock-solid stereo image pinned midway between the mains. It is because of this that I keep going back and forth between using the center...
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    M&K 350 vs SVS PB12

    Phil, Thanks for the response. I am sorry I deleted my post, but after reviewing some of the recent threads on the Speakers and Subwoofers forum, I felt like I may have been hijacking what is an M&K/SVS thread. I haven't been posting on HTF much in recent months, and I was kind of...
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    M&K 350 vs SVS PB12

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    ACI Maestro...

    Mike, Would you still see a benefit of moving from one (or two) Titan II LEs to the Maestro if you don't watch movies at reference level or listen to music at rock concert levels? In our case, on average that would be about 8-10dB lower than reference level. Michael
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    How to bottom a SV Sub.

    There are some prepros that have password protection for the setup menus, I own one (Anthem AVM-20). I don't use the feature myself, but I am certain it would restrict adjustment of any setting requiring the user to enter the setup menu. What I am not certain of is if it would prevent the...
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    ACI Maestro...

    It sounds like your rare appearance on HTF is going to cost you! :D Seriously, for a room of your size, you could use more UMPH. Our room is 22x14, and we give our two Titan II LEs (now placed side by side instead of one in front and one in back) a serious workout during music and movies...
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    What type of subwoofer finish do you prefer?

    1. Black (finished) Ash 2. Black (finished) Oak 3. Cherry
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    The Upgraded Anthem AVM-20 2.1

    My apologies to everyone for bringing up the topic of TV calibrating and video switching. My purpose was not to rain on Anthem's parade. I am still impressed to this day that they still try very hard to provide value to their customers and succeed quite often. With the purchase of a new TV...
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    The Upgraded Anthem AVM-20 2.1

    I can understand the appeal of video switching in a HT prepro or receiver (less wire clutter, easier to use for non-HT family members, etc.). But what about calibrating your TV (or projector) for each individual video source? By going through a video switcher (be it external or in a HT prepro or...
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    I only watch DVDs - SD or HD tube?

    A 34" 16:9 TV will produce a 27.8" 4:3 image, smaller than his 32" TV. To produce a 32" 4:3 image, you would need a 39.2" 16:9 TV. Michael
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    CRT, DLP, LCD, D-ILA-- Pros & Cons, for the record!!!

    I agree, the black level and shadow detail on these TVs have improved quite a bit. But I would also agree that LCD RPTVs still have the "worst" black level of any of the technologies, it is just that the gap is much smaller with the TVs you mentioned. Michael
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    LCOS HDTV Technology - any good??

    Are you sure about this? I could have sworn I saw rainbows on the JVC D-ILA. Then again, I was seeing rainbows on a handful of DLP RPTVs in the same store, so maybe my brain was still flashing them when I looked at the JVC. Michael
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    Picture on Sony KDF-50WE655 vs KDF-55WF655

    According to the online owner manuals, both the 55WF655 and the 50WE655 have 2 component inputs. Michael
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    The Upgraded Anthem AVM-20 2.1

    Before we venture off into the land of DVD players in the Audio/Video Sources forum, I thought I would ask the opinion of Anthem owners. We currently have a 5 year old Onkyo Integra DPS-5 single disc player, but with the pending purchase of our first HDTV (probably a 50-55" DLP or LCD RPTV), we...
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    The Upgraded Anthem AVM-20 2.1

    Update: Our AVM-20 returned yesterday from Anthem, about a 3 week turnaround from California. It appears that the regulator for one of the power supplies (I think the standby power supply) was faulty. Given how our AVM-20 reacted in the past on some power shutdowns, it is possible that the...