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    CC closing 19 stores, one of wich was mine.

    Two of the stores are being closed in the Chicago area. I guess they're sending their stock to other stores, but there's a closeout on all the floor merchandise. There was footage on the news yesterday of a throng of people stampeding into one of the stores slated to close as it opened its...
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    Question for people with cable modem

    Wish I had that sweet a deal. My basic service from Comcast just got bumped to 42 bucks a month and I was also notified that they were pulling six stations from the lineup including Sci-Fi, ESPN Classic and four others (gotta get digital cable now if I want those.) I get a measly $5 discount on...
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    Seen this Quiznos commercial?

    Hamsters in serious need of some dental work. They're pretty gross. Definitely not something that would encourage me to try Quizno's.
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    Can you hook up a External Hard Drive to Tivo?

    I believe the prices range from $150 to $200 and will add between 70-120 hours depending on what size hard drive you get. The modding involves opening the box, mounting the old and new drive onto a new bracket and plugging in the power and data connectors for each drive. There's places that will...
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    Karate Kid

    Columbia should be ashamed that this disc was released full frame almost six years ago(!) and there's been no mention of an OAR re-release. Also, it's evident from the ESPN presentations that John Avildsen and the principal actors seem quite willing to discuss the film at length. A special...
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    Can you hook up a External Hard Drive to Tivo?

    Try Weaknees. I bought my additional drive from them and they provide ridiculously simple instructions on how to install it. Took me less than 15 minutes to increase my capacity from 40 hours to over 200 hours.
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    Dams...dams...dams: Is a roof rake effective it?

    Right, but they aren't steel. They're aluminum.
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    Dams...dams...dams: Is a roof rake effective it?

    A roof rake isn't a bad idea when you have severe snowfalls over the winter. I used one with great effect about three years ago, but not before the ice dams had formed, allowing water to seep in between my inner and outer walls, damaging the paint and drywall. :frowning: One of my friends also...
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    Anyone have a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner?

    Bagless models are too messy. Too much dust flying around each time you empty the cup, which makes the HEPA filters a moot point. I'm sticking with a bagged model as well.
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    Anyone have a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner?

    An animal hair tool? Sounds like marketing hype to me. I have two dogs and a Eureka upright and it does a great job at picking up all of the dog hair.
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    Washington Post E-Mail Halted After Missed Payment

    Wonder who's head is going to roll after this fiasco: Expired Domain Disrupts E-Mail at Post A story about the subject in the New York Times notes that Post employees were told yesterday to set up Yahoo mail accounts in order to communicate. :laugh:
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    Great Places to Eat in Chicago?

    Chuck, if you'll be here during the week, check the Hot Tix booths on Randolph Street, Michigan Avenue or at Tower Records. They sell half-price day of performance theater tickets and Blue Man Group frequently is listed early-mid week.
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    Gimme Emergency! and St. Elswhere and I would be one happy camper. :emoji_thumbsup: