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    Spouse's observastions on HDTV

    After 18 months with my 64" widescreen Pioneer, I finally got an HD signal; I bought the DirecTV HD PVR released a couple of months ago. I proudly displayed the beautiful picture to my wife. I did A/B comparisons between 480i and 1080i (granted the TV up-converts 480i to 480p). She looked at it...
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    Whole house water filters.... HELP!

    Yup, it sounds like you're after a water softener system. I got a local company to do it for my house - hot water only (my choice - they also ran a cold-water line to my washing machine for me). It costs me about $40/month and the equipment and installation was free. They come out about once a...
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    Tips on keeping a house clean with dogs

    Back to the spirit of the question...;) We've got a couple of those air purifiers that contribute greatly to keeping the dog-smell non-existent. As suggested, vacuum often. You might want to place throw-rugs on heavily traveled areas to reduce wear.
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    "10.5" on the ridiculous scale...

    Think of the sequals! 10.6, 10.7, 10.8... Or the prequals! 10.5, 10.4, 10.3... Or the director's cuts! 10.5.1, 10.5.2...
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    Tivo-HDTV receiver

    I pre-ordered it in early February and am not expecting it until mid-May... :frowning:
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    Anyone ever taken a polygraph (lie detector) test?

    I've taken one. The memorable part was the long pauses between each yes/no question. Enough time to contemplate the answer you gave and to start second-guessing yourself. You sit there looking at a blank wall while the sounds of the needles scratching out the results behind you. You're thinking...
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    directv / tivo hi-def receiver --- when?

    Yeppers. AND it has two OTA tuners. You can record HDNet while recording over the air while watching something already recorded.
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    directv / tivo hi-def receiver --- when?

    From DirecTV's own web site. It's a couple of months old, though.
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    directv / tivo hi-def receiver --- when?

    Cool. I pre-ordered... $100 is $100. The sad thing is that it'll be half the cost in a year. Oh well. I saw this unit at CES and wanted to walk away with it. Thanks!
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    DVI and Personal PCs

    Candidly, I don't know. If it were my system I'd change my computer monitor settings to [email protected] and plug in the LCD and see what happens... Somebody correct me before it's too late!
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    Plasma displays for computer graphics?

    I wasn't aware of the burn in issue on the plasmas. More research and I see that this could be a problem. I whipped up a Plasma vs LCD chart for the brass. (I think they like plasma due to "latest technology" syndrome.) I'm concerned about the weight, durability, power requirements and the...
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    DVI and Personal PCs

    It's the RPTV SD-643HD5. I used powerstrip to tune the computer output display properly. Eventually I was content with the results. It was only adequate as a computer monitor (have to check imdb.com after watching a movie) due to the resolution (856x480p). DVDs were fine but I use my...
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    Plasma displays for computer graphics?

    As the HT-guy, I've been appointed at my company to recommend some hardware for a project we're doing that will need about 100 plasma TVs for the first installation. (I'm looking forward to making that order!) I'm looking for ideas on 42" plasma monitors. They only need to display 852x480...
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    DVI and Personal PCs

    My Pioneer said the same thing regarding the 15-pin connector. I did it anyway and it (eventually) worked fine. A lot of tuning was needed to get the scan rate right and a couple of times the TV was NOT happy and turned itself off (to protect itself).
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    Now THIS is funny

    "Put that in the news"