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    Your thoughts on Kino-Lorber Blu-rays

    I hope the Paramount Deal includes the following in New 4K Transfers: Rio Lobo 1970 Hatari! 1962 Donovan’s Reef 1963 Circus World 1964 In Harms Way 1965 The Sons Of Katie Elder 1965 El Dorado 1967 True Grit 1969 Big Jake 1971

    Question on Timeless Media Tales Of Wells Fargo

    I know Timeless Media released Tales Of Wells Fargo Seasons 1 and 2 and part of Season 6 on DVD. My question is how do these releases compare in Video and Audio Quality to what is being shown on Encore Westerns? I have Encore Westerns. I have also learned that All 6 Seasons of Tales Of Wells...

    Question About The Virginian

    I have a question about The Virginian. I have read on line that in 1958 a 30 minute show called Decision had the first appearance of James Drury as The Virginian. Does anyone know if the1958 Episode Titled The Virginian is available on DVD? Thanks! Robert

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (Domestic release) -- in Blu-ray

    I wish Paramount would do a 4K Release with a new scan of Hatari!, The Sons of Katie Elder, and Rio Lobo before doing any other movies. In saying any other movies I mean that literally!!! No other movies, no matter the actor or movie from Paramount til these 3 are done right! LOL...

    mccloud season 3 and 4

    I would also like to see VEI release Hec Ramsey. I would Also like to see VEI release the 1973-1974 short lived Series Tenafly starring James McEachin. Tenefly only had I think 5 Episodes including the Pilot. They ran 90 minutes including commercials so you looking at basically 5 episodes...

    mccloud season 3 and 4

    I have Cannon, Barnaby Jones, The Mod Squad and McMillan and Wife from VEI. I would say that I am thankful VEI has released them even if all the series could look a lot better and in the case of Barnaby Jones the episodes should not be cut! However, I don’t think VEI should be blamed for this...

    Kino-Lorber Insider Announcement Thread (Read Guidelines Post #3)

    Glad to see The Horse Soldiers getting a much needed Blu Ray Upgrade! The Horse Soldiers is one of my many favorites of John Wayne Movies! The Horse Soldiers is an Excellent Movie and ranks at the top of Wayne and Ford Collaborations alongside others such as The Searchers and Stagecoach. Take...

    International Circus World 1964 Blu Ray From Spain

    You are welcome Jim! Glad you are pleased with the transfer like I and the Amazon reviewer were as well. I have been watching the John Wayne movies mostly in order starting with The Big Trail. I didn’t have Circus World so I searched Amazon to get it on DVD cause I knew it hadn’t been released...

    International Circus World 1964 Blu Ray From Spain

    I think you will be pleased with the Blu Ray presentation. If you can, post here what you thought of the Blu Ray Presentation and the movie! Thanks! Robert

    International Circus World 1964 Blu Ray From Spain

    Circus World was the first Blu Ray or DVD for that matter that I had ever gotten from another country besides the United States or Canada. I have just recently learned that my 4K Sony Blu Ray will play discs from other countries. So I plan on getting some more Blu Rays not available in the...

    International Circus World 1964 Blu Ray From Spain

    I meant to post this in the Blu Ray Thread. I don’t know how to correct this. I would appreciate a Moderator moving this to the Blu Ray Thread. I apologize for the mistake and Thanks! Robert

    International Circus World 1964 Blu Ray From Spain

    I recently purchased on Amazon the Spanish Import Blu Ray of the John Wayne Movie Circus World A person had commented that the Blu Ray was Beautiful and that it could be watched in English without Subtitles. They were right! I watched the Blu Ray on my Sony 4K Blu Ray Player Saturday Night...

    My Adam 12 E bay Experience

    I don’t know what DNSZ means. Adam-12 was rereleased by Universal in 2018. It was the same Transfer as the Original 2005 release. The 2018 release while having the same transfer did have single sided discs while the 2005 original release were on double sided “flipper” discs. The 2018 rerelease...

    Question about Warner Archive MOD TV series sets

    Yes it is higher than most TV Series I think. However, if you consider there are 241 Episodes of The FBI then it is less than $2.00 per Episode. On DVDS that should last for many years! Which means you can watch the episodes multiple times for many years! So from that perspective, less than...

    Pre-Order In Harm's Way (1965) (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    I also like Last Train From Gun Hill though I do like The Sons Of Katie Elder more. Glad Last Train has a great transfer and I hope to get it and In Harm’s Way soon! John Wayne is also my favorite Actor and John Sturges May be my favorite Director. How do you rate John Sturges as a Director?