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    Speaker up-grade

    Of course it is. But shop around, and don't rush yourself. Visit more stores, and listen to as much as you can. In time, you may find that small speakers just don't cut it. Don't let a sale price, or a pushy salesperson pressure you into buying something. Polk audio does make good budget...
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    What's Your Speaker History?

    I started with a sony mini system at the age of 14. Saved some money as a kid and bought klipsch reference series towers, a klf-c7 center and a Denon 2802. I owned polk audio, KEF, mirage, and energy over the years. I'm 26 now and run a full paradigm studio 100v5 surround system. Hopefully by...
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    floorstanding vs inwall speakers

    In walls will never sound as good as towers. (unless you spend a LOT of money) Even if you spent $15K for a pair of inwalls, imagine how towers or bookshelves would sound at that price point. Sounds like he just wants to sell you more then you need. I would never downgrade my system. Im not...
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    Help, Onkyo 805 DolbyHD and DTS HD

    It sounds great. But my player does not say which audio track it's playing. I would perfer to know for for sure. But for now, it's fine. Im going to trade my dad bd players lol.
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    Help, Onkyo 805 DolbyHD and DTS HD

    Yes, only HDMI is hooked up. My player is just a few months to old. Thanks
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    Help, Onkyo 805 DolbyHD and DTS HD

    So I selected 'PCM" on my sharp bd player, and it just reads "multich" on the receiver. I went to "auto" and im back to playing the core tracks. I pressed the audio 1 and 2 button in case that helped, but it just went to french. So Im stumped. Me sharp may not play DTS HD, but it wont even play...
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    Help, Onkyo 805 DolbyHD and DTS HD

    It doesn't have a "U" in the model number, but thats the one. I don't want to use the preouts. Whats the point of HDMI if I do? Besides, I need them free for my Sony SACD player.
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    Help, Onkyo 805 DolbyHD and DTS HD

    ok thanks, Ill try after work today. But im sure I went into the blu ray and set everything correct. I selected "auto" for sound formats. I have updated the firmware once already. Its about 6 months old..
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    Help, Onkyo 805 DolbyHD and DTS HD

    Im new to the high def world, and need some help. I upgraded my old Denon 2802 to an Onkyo 805 for the new surround formats. (And better everything I own a sharp blu-ray disk player. I hooked it up via HDMI. I put in a disk, and select the DolbyTrueHD or DTS HD track in the menu, and press play...
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    yamaha rx-v3000

    The built in amp MIGHT be better in the older yammy, but that is hard to say. I bought a $1500 receiver when I was in high school, and I am pretty sure a $700 receiver now would outperform it. Prices have dropped a lot. For HT, get somthing that supports the latest formats. If your looking for...
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    Confusing HD sound formats

    Thank you for your help. My reciever does have analog inputs, but my SACD player is using them. My Blu ray player does not have pre-outs. Do you know if the Sharp Blu ray player supports 1.3? It's a piece of junk so I will prob end up replacing it anyways. I guess Ill get a reciever after I buy...
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    Confusing HD sound formats

    Hello all, So years ago, in Jr.high I decided I loved home theater. I started building my system which I own today. Back then it was very easy to understand formats and connections. Here is my system, and Ill ask my question(s) Denon 2802 Klipsch Ref3II mains, (soon to be RF7's) KLFC7...
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    "Soundstage" Has anyone heard of them?

    When Visions first started selling them I tried em' out. At the time I didn't like them very much. They were blowing out some high end warfedales at the time, so it wasn't a fair test. I do like the Polk LSI they sell now. "Soundstage" just seem like something you could get at...
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    need more power!

    I agree with John. Until about 2 months ago, I didnt own a center. I live at home still, so my room isnt very big. I found the RF3's worked well without a center. And besides, being only 20 years old, making around $4200/month BEFORE taxes, I dont have the money or space for a dedicated 2 ch...
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    Cut-off on Denon 2802?

    Thanks for all the advise everyone. I went "no sub" and found my towers had more low end. However, it was not much. So in the end I set my smaller sub too be crossed over a bit higher, hopeing it will re-enforce some of thge low end. (without sounding boomy) Both my subs are along the front...