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    New 3-disc Ultimate Edition of "Hero"

    Where did you find that? Looks great! Matt
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    Thanks, guys! Found a remote hack for my player!! Matt
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    Blockbuster 3/$25 DVD's

    Check again Monday (today), guys. We pull on Sundays and sometimes as late as Mondays. Small but quality pulls today. Kill Bill, Big Fish, Love Don't Cost A Thing, and more, depending on location. Also, the sale goes on until close Monday night, so you still have a chance to browse. FYI, this...
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    Blockbuster Movie Pass $25/month

    Mark, Don't forget, though, that the Game Freedom Pass only lets you have one game out at a time for that $20, compared to the Movie Pass at 24.99 for 2. Comparable, I think. Matt
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    Tivo/Replay TV with Direct TV

    Patrick, I held out for a long time on picking up a Tivo. I liked the component output of the ReplayTV and a few other features, along with the idea of moving the recorder to wherever I wanted. However, when my family and I moved this past month, we decided to get a DirecTivo for the living...
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    Weekly RoundUp 2/24

    It's the 89 Zatoichi and it's bloody as hell! Good finale to the series. The transfer is very good and the sound is decent, too. A must buy. Also, you guys check Fry's this week if you have one. They have a handful of DVD's for $4 and about 10 for $6.99 (don 't have the ad at hand). Matt...
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    I think a SE of Event Horizon would be nice.

    Add me!!!
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    GOOD Mel Gibson announce

    I loved Man Without A Face! Thanks for the update. Matt
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    In Living Color is coming to DVD

    Looks like it may have some "Revolutionary" company :) Matt
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    Small Circuit City 2-day sale (12/12/03 - 12/13/03)

    Missed it! Damn! I'm sure next Fri/Sat will be interesting, though. Already, Best Buy is breakin out the 49.99 on the Indy boxed set. Too bad I already got mine PM'd with the Eckerd's price on street date :) Matt
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    Weekly Roundup 12/9

    You guys don't diss on LeapFrog, man : ) My 2 year old hates the actual Leap Frog but has watched the DVD more than a dozen times since yesterday!! If that isn't a reason to go DVD, I don't know what is. BTW- Target had them individually for $9.99 here in Longview, while TRU had them at...
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    Verification for my mom that DVD players are significant to the video quality.

    If, by "it", you mean the TV, please reassure her that isn't the problem. That's easy. What isn't easy is disecting what is causing that. I'd start by buying (any) progressive scan DVD player and hooking it up to show the difference. In the meantime, I would also recommend checking cable...
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    Halo finally drops-permanently!

    Yeah, I bet they are catching pure hell for THAT one!! LOL! Luckily, I have the E3 footage on DVD from the Official XBOX magazine disc from a few months back. Matt
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    Directors Raiders had snakes. Doom had bugs. Crusade had rats. What will Indiana Jones 4 have?

    Locusts.. keeping with Egyptian apocalyptical themes, and all, of course :) Matt