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    WHV Press Release: Gone With The Wind 70th Anniversary Ultimate Collector's Edition (Blu-ray)

    Brandon, I heard there was a region free 2 disc from Amazon UK. Im just gonna ante up for the UC box. I was waiting to hear about a Target version first before making purcahse.
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    WHV Press Release: Gone With The Wind 70th Anniversary Ultimate Collector's Edition (Blu-ray)

    Over at it has been confirmed that GWTW Target edition is one disc only.
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    Why do so many kids not like milk anymore?

    I go through 3 gallons of 1% in less then a week on average. I like milk.
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    OUCH! I bit my lip... again!

    Hey guys; Use a mouthwash called Biotene. It works real good for killing bacteria in the mouth causing the sores to heal quite fast. Its also used for cancer patients and victims of dry mouth as well. Its workewd well for me when Ive bit the inside of my mouth. You can pick it up at any...
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    RIP Henry Gibson

    I love the Burbs and his bit in Wedding Crashers as the priest. The scene at the table when Vaughn is venting to him and Gibsons reactions are priceless. "So you ever pull it?" RIP Mr Klopeck. You will be missed
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    RIP Mary Travers of Peter, Paul and Mary

    I remember listening to my mothers LPs of theirs. They were great and I still have fond memories of their songs. I should really spin them again for old times sake. RIP Mary
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    Patrick Swayze has passed away

    My prayers to you and your wife. Cancer sucks!
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    Patrick Swayze has passed away

    Just heard about this myself. "Nobody puts Baby in a corner" He seemed very down to earth. RIP
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    I built myself a Tiki Hut

    Ron, Too bad you cant find the "Barker Bird" from the Adventureland enterance from Disneyland. (May he Rest In Peace). HAHA! Do you have the 50th Anniversary box set with all the audio, music ride-thrus through the years? Its on there.
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    Titanic and the missing Trailers on the U.S. DVD

    Any word on a blu release of Titanic with the missing extras? Oh and nice cameo in the film; you really looked convincing being lost.
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    Heath Ledger's final performance in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

    Im suprised that no studio wouldnt want this; if only for Heath and the movie going audiences wanting to see his final performance. Props to Depp Farrell and Law coming in to finish the movie in his honor. Didnt they do it for SAG wages or free? Either way its way cool of them to do it.
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    Any tips for a guy loosing his mind... and hair?

    I was developing a bald area awhile back. Clippers are now my friend. Ill be 36 in a couple months too.
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    The HTF Eating Accomplishments Thread

    Dear god Mike, that website is horrific but great!
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    The HTF Eating Accomplishments Thread

    This thread rules! Im 35 now, 5'10 245lbs. (Yeah I got a tummy) Ive destroyed a few large pizzas in my time. But I remember taking out a Mcds 20 pice nugget, large fries, large coke w a hot fudge sundae back in the day. Small fry to some of you here but I was proud. I need to see if I can...
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    Hitchcock on Blu-ray?

    Oh dear god why?! Didnt they learn anything from remaking Psycho?! *sigh*