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    Beatles Rock Band

    From Wikipedia: There's also the unique dreamscapes which no doubt factor into the cost. And it looks like "All You Need Is Love" will cease being exclusive to the 360 on December 10.
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    Beatles Rock Band

    Hate to break it to you, but Rubber Soul is the next full album DLC. I read an interview with one of the Harmonix guys somewhere and they said it was basically a flip of the coin between Rubber Soul and Revolver, and Rubber Soul won. It's speculated that Revolver will be released early next...
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    Axl confirms Chinese Democracy is finished at last

    This three-year-old New York Times article is where the $13 million figure originally came from: The Most Expensive Album Never Made It's a fascinating read.
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    Testy Area 51

    Posting in order to remove annoying "you have not posted anything in a while" banner from every page I look at. See you in a few weeks.
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    Wilco "Sky Blue Sky" - May 15th

    It's criminal, how little attention this album (and this band) has gotten around here. . .
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    Great Island / Beachy Music

    Sounds like you're in need of some Yacht Rock!
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    what are your ten most played songs on your iTunes/ipod?

    Signed, Matt Birchall Unabashed Jeff Tweedy Fanboy (click the list or the link in my sig for more lists of what I've been listening to, if you give a shit)
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    TMNT Fan. . . girl?

    I'm thinking someone here may have finally found his soul mate. . .
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    Death of a microwave

    Interesting. My eleven-year-old microwave started acting up recently, too. I first noticed it when I made some popcorn a couple nights ago, and it took about a minute longer than normal. I didn't think much of it until the next day, when it took about ten minutes to heat up a bowl of soup...
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    I Want One Of These!!!

    An online buddy of mine went to CES and got some great video of the Artoos in action: Story here (video links at the bottom)