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    The Best / Most Unexpected Home Theatre Addition I've Made

    > So are you saying that 7.1 receivers simply split the rear-center channel signal internally anyway? This is not always true. Logic7, for example, uses analysis of what is occurring in the discrete channels to derive independent information for the derived channels. DPL2X uses a different...
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    Grinding noise in all speakers

    Louis, it sounds as if you might be experiencing clipping, which happens when an amplifier is overdriven. Clipping can destroy your speakers (esp. the tweeters). Until you have remedied the problem (either by less demanding speakers or higher powered amps), DO NOT under any circumstances...
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    Yamaha DSP-A1 versus RX-V1 versus ???

    Jim. a lot of people(I'm included in that group) who auditioned the RX-V1 and the DSP-A1 in their homes found the amps in the V1 to be cleaner sounding. The improved circuitry does account for this in a rationally objective fashion. If you can hear the V1 at home, do so. For only a couple...
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    Lexicon Announces New Processor

    The Lexicon site contains an announcement for their new MC-4 Processor, based on the legendary MC-12. At $3,000, this one is really worth looking at. Marty
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    What kind of separates do you have?

    Lexicon MC-12b Pre/Pro McIntosh MC206 Power Amp (all 6 5.1 channels) Hafler XL480 (l&r back channels) Boston Acoustic A400 (l&r mains) BA A200 (front center) BA A60II (surroung & back channels) RTR DAC-1 passive subwoofer and scads of input devices :) With all the talk of room...
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    Why isn't SDDS in the consumer market?

    Terence, Thanks for the heads up. It's wothwhile to note that every time Sony says "virtually no loss in audio quality" they are admitting to a loss. Marty
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    How to get bugs(leggy kind) out of NAD 1equipment

    White bugs? Near microscopic in size? And they seen to gravitate to buttons that hold the oil (and exfoliated dermata) from your fingers? I hate to suggest this, but it sounds as if you might have some variety of bed-bug there. Leave it to HTF to publish the findings of a new species of...
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    7.1 Question?

    >Only dts has a true 6.1< We're getting into the area of "true" and "discreet" debate. I think it's important to note that, while EX material does not have a discreet back channel, a properly mixed EX source will play back channel sounds through the back channel speakers. If you put your...
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    Upgrading my receiver, will I be able to hear a difference?

    >I have noticed that when I put my receiver up really loud the speakers get very harsh sounding< Matt, this indicates a strong possibility that your speakers are driving the amps close to (or possibly into) clipping. If this is the case, then a more powerful set of amps (new or used)...
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    Audible Component Differences...A Nousaine Story

    >I think you already know what they are< I sure do: a great performance hall and a set of even greater performers. Marty
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    What HT gear is made in the USA? (Customs/Duty related question)

    Mark Levinson McIntosh Lexicon All made in the USA. Marty
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    Best Demos for Dolby Pro-Logic IIx ... here is one

    The L7 in my Lexicon MC-12 does indeed separate Br from Sr (and Bl from Sl) thus panning fly-overs, etc. I don't remember ever having seen an official explanation of how it does this. The L7 in HK equipment is different from the Lex's so I can't speak to its performance. Marty
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    Dolby Digital Plus to be announced at NAB

    >“Another factor is cost,” he continues, “and as we can maintain compatibility with existing Dolby Digital decoders, there's a cost savings to any new implementer. via the enhanced decoder's ability to decode both legacy and enhanced Dolby Digital bitstreams, as well as provide a seamless Dolby...
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    DTS and Dolby Digital

    As I read this thread, peeling off each layer of rancor, I am left with some core issues, including basic differences of what is claimed to be fact. In my experience (admittedly outside the realm of theoretical physics) facts are relatively unambiguous in nature. Most of us are unable to visit a...
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    Removing the "feet" from a receiver?

    Clay, the feet, obviously, allow air to enter from underneath the receiver. The vent holes in the shelving may not align with all the air inlets on the bottom of the unit. Removing the feet, even if there is nothing on top of the unit, may impede proper ventilation and contribute to premature...