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    Taxi Driver SB...!?!?!?!?

    Hey Mark, Would you mind comparing the pq on the sb vs the R1 during the last 15 minutes or so? This is where I'm wondering if the SB has been color corrected to make the blood look more red and not washed out as it does on the R1. Apparently this was done at the time so the film would earn an...
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    '24' on WGN?

    The "MYSTERY" channel has already been running episodes for at least a little while on my satellite system. But this means that more and more people will discover Jack Bauer and CTU L.A., always a good thing! GO JACK GO!! looking forward to season 5!
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    Medal Of Honor- Euorpean Assault

    I'm really happy with the game also. At first I was a little hesitant about having guys under my command because I've never played a game with that feature before as I'm used to just doing it all myself. So I basically try to keep them behind me so I can do it all myself, and win additional...
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    The Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees Copycat Killer. Yes, we have a psycho on our hands

    Well, I guess it was just a matter of time. I wonder if the suspect was even alive when the originol "Friday" was released, back in 1980. We shall have to wait and see.
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    DISH added 10 new HD stations on May 1st

    If I may interject something for a moment, you guys have no idea how lucky you are to live in the US or Europe, in terms of having alot of HD programming available to you. I admit, I do enjoy my Bell ExpressVu dish, which is the Canadaian version of DirectTV in the US, (correct me if I'm wrong)...
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    ER season 11 thread

    Richard, I beleive Susan Lewis is the current CR. Her hubby (Donal Logue) is playing "mom" right now.
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    Haute Tension - Which Version, and where to buy?

    Benson, I wasn't aware that Lions Gate was in the habit of cutting alot of their films. I always assumed that my copy of "Cabin Fever" for example was the full version. By how much will it be censored when it gets released in North America? Not too substantial, I hope. Otherwise, that region 0...
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    Never played a DOOM game, opinons on DOOM III?

    I look forward to doing as you suggested and playing it in a dark room (no problem for me as my living area is in the basement of a house anyway) and crankin' up that Dolby Digital!!:emoji_thumbsup:
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    Never played a DOOM game, opinons on DOOM III?

    Hello everyone, I've never played a DOOM game before, but have a pre-order on part III, mainly because I'm a big fps fan. How does it compare to, say, PROJECT:SNOWBLIND for example, which I also haven't played yet but am curious about. Thanks for any feedback.
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    New Goldeneye-Any info about it?

    Figured it was time for an update, just for the hell of it. I have since bought an XBOX with the component & optical cables. I have yet to but a Gamecube game since. Anyhow, I realize it's very late notice, but I just wanted to let you folks out there know that I really enjoy most of the...
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    Cellular- 2 disc DTS-ES in Taiwan?

    I'm sure it'll sound great. By the way www.thedvdetective.com has a listing for the R3 DTS-ES version priced at $19.99 in American dollars. I ordered my uncut Kill Bill Vol.1 from them and had no problems. Alot cheaper than paying Yen and having it shipped from Asia!
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    Is this the uncut version of Scream?

    If one is interested, www.thedvdetective.com has a listing for the dir.cut R3 anamorphic and dolby 5.1, but they are currently sold out.
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    Will HD-DVD and Blu-Ray do away w/ region free?

    It seems that no matter what the studios try to do, there will always be a way around it, IMHO. :b
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    2005 Film List

    Marty's 2005 Film List Out of :star::star::star::star: Last Updated: November 20th Title Count: 58 Alone in the Dark ZERO Amityville Horror :star::star::star: Assault on Precint 13 :star::star:1/2 Bad News Bears :star::star:1/2 Batman Begins :star::star::star:1/2 Be Cool :star:1/2...
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    Ghostbusters superbit

    The dvd store I work at indicates that the R1 version is now discontinued from our database, so I naturally assumed that another version is slated. I can wait, I hope it's a superbit edition though!