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    Another "Oldies But Goodies" Receiver Thread...

    Im still using a haman kardon signature 2.0 and 2.1 combo. Bought them in 2000. I have the dts version.
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    Random "popping" noise from!

    Ive heard of bad tosh link connectors doing this. You may want to try a new cable if thats the type of connection you are using.
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    speaker hissing noise

    Alot of recivers have a little hiss with youre ear to the speakers. If you cant hear it at a few feet in a quite room its most likely normal.
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    Why do car stereos look so goofy?

    I have the The Eclipse CD8443 . The aux in is a standard stereo mini plug.
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    Gone Through Hell for a Harman Kardon

    I think you need to eliminate a problem in youre wiring, or a ventilation problem.
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    Adding spikes to an SVS sub....

    (IMHO) A rock steady speaker or subwoofer is always a good thing. Especialy at louder levels when the drivers are pushing and pulling air at a more vigorous rate.
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    I havent heard these but they might be what youre after.
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    The 580s are 150 with the coupon from AA.
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    My two favs are the Grado SR 125 or the Sennheiser HD580s The Senns need a good headphone amp to sound thier best the Grado are more forgiving without one. Also the Senns have a darker...
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    What kind of amp does everybody have?

    Harman Kardon Signature 2.1
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    CB noise coming through subwoofer

    And I thought I was only one with this problem.
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    New ACI Sub !!!!!!

    "Don't feed the trolls"
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    New ACI Sub !!!!!!

    A REL that gets an average score for blending and just above average for SQ ? thats a first. A REL is top notch in those catagories, just not as good as a value as the ACI offerings.
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    New ACI Sub !!!!!!

    Yes,,it comes with the amp. and yes I have heard two SVS subs.
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    New ACI Sub !!!!!!