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    Default Using four bookshelf speakers and one floor speaker?

    (The word "default" should not be in the thread title) My living room only has three walls. From the position of sitting on the couch, there is no right wall, and instead there is an open space that leads to the kitchen. I want to set up a 6.1 system, but obviously I would have no place to...
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    Help me figure out this whole surround sound thing

    Thank you! That was extremely helpful! Now I can start piecing together my system.
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    Help me figure out this whole surround sound thing

    I've been living with my HDTV for over a year without a surround sound system (I use a 400W stereo system) and I've really just been too intimidated to figure it out. I haven't been able to find any good online guides and when I look at user manuals I am still confused. I think I've figured out...
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    Please help me figure out this movie

    Yeah; that's it! Thank you! It actually has more of a sentimental value to me than anything else. Much appreciated!
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    Please help me figure out this movie

    I've been Googling like crazy and haven't been able to find this movie, so I really hope someone here can help me out. It's a movie about an aspiring screenwriter who keeps getting rejected. He takes out a small apartment in or near Hollywood and gets a job as some kind of assistant. While...
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    Spider-Man Blu-ray triology $100 at BBY?

    No. The release price was around $63. I remember seeing the $69.99 price tag on it for weeks after that.
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    Spider-Man Blu-ray triology $100 at BBY?

    http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage....p=1&id=1687006 Best Buy, my foot! I wanted to redeem a gift card today and noticed that the price was magically $30 more expensive than it was a couple weeks ago. How dumb is that?
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    Help! I think my Westinghouse 42" LCD HDTV is broken

    My circuit breaker killed the power to my main living room circuit this morning and now I cannot get my TV to turn back on. The power button on both the TV itself and the remote control do nothing. All my other electronics that were plugged into the same circuit at the time are now fine. I have...
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    Exclusive to Laserdisc - help compiling a comprehensive list!

    Sorry; I guess I stand corrected. I was going by the fact that Amazon's page for the Mrs Doubtfire DVD doesn't mention any special features and the fact that it's only one disc. Are you sure that all of the Laserdisc features were seen on the DVD?
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    Exclusive to Laserdisc - help compiling a comprehensive list!

    With regard to special features that were never released on DVD, the widely unnoticed special edition laserdisc of Mrs Doubtfire has a bunch of supplemental material, none of which showed up on the DVD. Also, the Toy Story box set has a ton of stuff (including an exclusive audio commentary...
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    Best Buy Renews My Reward Zone Membership for Free!

    By looking in today's ad, it appears that the main motive behind the new pathetic-but-free Reward Zone is so they can entice people with the new Reward Zone MasterCard, which is a new Best Buy credit card that allows you to receive more points than normal cardholders. Reminds me of the Replay...
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    Is Philips Ambilight worth it?

    I've been shopping for an HDTV for months now and can never make a decision because I'm afraid that I'll later realize I made a bad choice. But something that's always been on the back of my mind is the cool-looking Ambilight TVs from Philips. However, I want to go for an LCD flat-panel as...
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    Where can I buy this (for my ancient TV)?

    I'll leave out the details as to why I'm using this TV right now, but it is very old (like, from the 1970's). This old TV does not have a coaxial input. It has those weird knobs to which you have to attach two wires (I don't know what they're called). I know there's such a thing that lets you...
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    Would like your professional opinions - which is better?

    I was wondering the same thing, especially since they're both Toshiba. Is the TheaterWide feature and the fact that it's flat-tube more important than the other one's built-in DVD player/USB input? 1) I'm living in a 1-bedroom apartment (by myself) with a pretty spacious living room. 2) I...