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    Ouch, bought Event Horizon, and it's non-anamorphic..

    Bizarrely, the menu is anamorphic... Needs and SE... Mark
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    DVDFILE has their Spider-Man review up.

    Well, I found this to be a most entertaining romp and my wife thought it possibly the best movie she's ever seen. She's into escapism, fantasy and romance. This has been on pre-order for what feels like an eternity. FWIW my wife and I concur when it comes to the CGI in this movie - it fits...
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    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: "Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones" (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) (with screen

    'fraid I can't take the R4 review seriously: "Whilst not quite as warm and ambient as the less compressed DTS format, they take a big step closer to that level of quality." This auto assumtion that DTS always sounds superior really ticks me off. We will never know if AOTC would have...
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    Pete's Dragon problem...

    Hmmmm... Seemed to play in the DVD-ROM drive OK when I skipped and forwarded to the scene, gave the disc a good clean, bunged it in the main player, skipped, forwarded, played OK. Just to make sure ffwd wasn't skewing the results I played from the beginning of the chapter and allowed it to...
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    Pete's Dragon problem...

    Thanks guys. I'll try cleaning, failing that see if I can find someone willing to try and find the bug on their player. Hey - this PC has a DVD-ROM drive. Jeez, sometimes I can't see the wood for the trees... Doh! :b Mark
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    Pete's Dragon problem...

    I bought this movie about a year ago (see this thread: http://www.hometheaterforum.com/htfo...t=petes+dragon ). My daughter never got into it at the time but loves it now - but it hangs during one of the songs. Laura is singing atop a lighthouse about her lost love then the screen freezes...
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    Anything better than Dragonheart for a 360 degree audio pan?

    The Fifth Element teaser. Saw this twice at the cinema and it's an easter egg on the UK R2 release. Easily the best "quickie" demo for 5.1 that I've witnessed. Mark
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    From Dusk Till Dawn: Great first half, but...

    Some films are purely designed to "Kick Ass". Nothing wrong with that if they succeed. Plainly put, "From Dusk til Dawn" kicks as much ass as I have ever seen kicked. Years ago I played the LD to a bunch of friends that had never even heard of it. They all loved it, and one even went out...
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    Greatest Soundtrack Ever: Lord of the Rings voted Number One.

    Uh oh... The problem is the text based medium - not nationality. Put me in the pro-Williams camp. I've never heard him say "I borrowed a bit from so-and-so and whatshisname to come up with this anthem" but I've also never heard him say "This is 100% my own work devoid of any outside...
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    Greatest Soundtrack Ever: Lord of the Rings voted Number One.

    If you're gonna do any list of "all time", much as it then contradicts the banner, I think anything written within the immediately preceding ten years should be excluded. If you don't survive that decade, then you have no right belonging in an all-time greatest list, do you? If people are...
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    Machine-Gun Humor

    And here I was thinking you were gonna talk about Jamie Lee Curtis dropping an Uzi down some steps, thereby icing a load of generic Middle Eastern badguys in a humorous manner... When is that SE gonna come out? Mark
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    I've drawn a complete..... Blank!: The Grosse Pointe Blank Appreciation Thread.

    My wife and I love this movie. We've been together almost "TEN YEARS", so that quote comes up from time to time. I believe "The Jet" and John Cusack were friends from training together before they made this movie. Don't recall the source... An SE would be an immediate pre-order from me. Mark
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    Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002)

    I think the point about city planet was not that Lucas invented it all by himself, but that he didn't rip off Fifth Element or Blade Runner. AFAIK, Lucas has -never- hidden his influences. I thought fifties style, yellow flying mobile was very Fifth Element, too, but appreciate that GL...
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    Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002)

    Maybe they were safety lightsabers the kids used, you know, like padded practise nunchakus... As for Artoo falling behind, I thought it was kind of funny. Artoo eventually gets to the top of one flight of steps only to see his party climbing yet another bigass flight. "Oh, for F*CKS SAKE" is...