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    Point Break: Pure Adrenaline Edition

    No commentary... No sale. How hard can it be for Fox to get Kathryn Bigelow or Patrick Swayze to do commentary on this film?
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    Terminator 3 DVD (wide) - Looks kinda blurry

    My T3 (widescreen) on my JVC 32" tv looks awful dull and almost out of focus. I have seen reviews where the image is listed as "A+" and sharp but I have to totally disagree. If it wasn't for the art work on the discs I would have sworn I had a pirated compressed version of the movie. Anyone agree?
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    Is there an insert for the 2 Fast 2 Furious dvd?

    I am not sure if one was included with the DVD. All I got was an ad for cars inside my case. I didn't see any insert with chapter stops.
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    Bad Boys 2 final dvd specs

    DVDFile has the final specs for Bad Boys II, 2 disc SE being released on December 9th. No DTS (probably for a Superbit)and no audio commentary!
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    For Metallica fans ... re: new record!

    Ugh. You know, I thought I would buy the cd and figured the DVD would be of some value. The songs I have heard thus far have sucked so bad that even a free dvd isn't worth it. For anyone who owns the the cd... Is every song/video on the DVD shot with that annoying fish-eye lens?
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    Proposing to g/f in Manhattan, need ideas...

    Thanks for all of the help. I ended up going to the River Cafe last Friday and she said "yes"! Everything was great and the staff was amazing. Thanks again guys!
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    Proposing to g/f in Manhattan, need ideas...

    Thanks for the input everyone. It's a huge relief to have some suggestions. I have been to the city a few times but pretty much lost on things to do and where to dine. My girlfriend has no idea, and she has never been to New York. She has gone all over the U.S. but never NYC and has always...
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    Proposing to g/f in Manhattan, need ideas...

    I am taking my girlfriend to New York for her birthday on May 25th and am going to propose to her during the trip. I thought about doing it over dinner. Can any of you New York folks help a brother out with resteraunt ideas?
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    Bright Lights Big City...Ugh! FULL SCREEN only.

    I really enjoyed this film and was looking forward to seeing it in widesceen once released on DVD. MGM again screws a great catalog title. Jesus, even The Last American Virgin is anamorphic.
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    Best CompactFlash brand?

    Any ideas on which is the best brand of CompactFlash card Type1? I am looking to upgrade my 8mb Canon S200 card to 256mb. I heard crucial.com is cheap but has issues. What about Kingston or Viking?
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    Can someone check their Attack of the Clones sound dvd for me?

    The problem I am having is after the layer change. The sound pop happens during the chase while both ships are in the asteroid field. The layer change is before Obi gets in to the asteroid field. The exact time is posted when I hear the sound problem.
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    Can someone check their Attack of the Clones sound dvd for me?

    I noticed last night on my AOTC dvd disc 1, at 67:45 (the point where Slave 1 enters an asteroid) there is a pop sound that comes from the rear right channel. I would like to know if this is my dvd or on the sound track.
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    Help me choose: Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six 3, Splinter Cell, DF: Black Hawk Down

    I am looking for a good military FPS. It would be cool if the game has gamepad support. I have a GF4 Ti4600 so system power isn't a problem. Thanks in advance.
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    Suggestions for dvds about the Los Angeles underground scene

    I am looking for movies that deal with the underground after hours type scene in Los Angeles. Can anyone suggest any dvds that deal with this subject like Bad Influence or Less Than Zero?
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    Toy Story 2, has the lip sync issue been fixed?

    I bought the Ultimate Toy Box when it first came out and returned it due to the horrible lip sync issue with Toy Story 2. I would like to buy it again (2 years later), but wanted to know if this has been fixed yet?