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    Inexpensive 12 gauge speaker wire and banana plugs in Toronto area?

    You should go to Home Depot on Highway 2... speaker wire by the roll.. and some parts you may not expect. For nice and cheap bananas... I recommend the Vampires from Take Five Audio.. for 13 bucks a pair they are nice (they are in southern Ontario... and Take Five is very prompt with the...
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    See, cables do matter!!! (Yeah right)

    I will take the bait ;-) Read the article from Roger Sanders above. If the scope acts as a resistor, how is it the proper model for a speaker that appears like a capacitor? Someone went at length how psychological factors can influence perception. I agree with this totally, and it is...
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    See, cables do matter!!! (Yeah right)

    Instead of chasing our tails, I recommend the words of some folks who in all likelihood are a little more informed than all of us posting here (myself included of course). From the most wise Floyd Toole: http://www.harmanaudio.com/all_about...rt_science.pdf From the great designer, Roger...
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    See, cables do matter!!! (Yeah right)

    Well, the problem is, it is a bogus comparison. You assume you are measuring the correct parameters, and their impact on hearing is identical. Impedance is not the only criteria for cables, and the scope is not the ultimate tool for determining whether they are good. I think esoteric cables...
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    Integrating Magnepan MMGs into a HT system

    If you can live with the *severe* beaming, a horizontal MMG makes an excellent center. M.
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    Help! How can I shut off the amps in my Sony 5ES?!!!

    Don't some companies recommend you put an 8 ohm resistor across the terminals if the amps are not driving a load? M.
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    Dipole design using the DPL 12

    I have had many maggies... the MMGs and SMGs are not even close to what the 3.6s can do. Not even remotely close... and you will spend a loooong time trying to get bass as nice as maggie bass (though I think the ribbon is the real treat). Prepare to be very pleased. M.
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    Bi Amping with tube amplifier

    I have biamped (tubes on top, solid state down below) and there is nothing to worry about... other than cost and the dangers of rethinking the speaker designer on the crossover ;-) M.
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    Wire Gauge Calcs

    Is there a common reference for calculating wire gauge as a result of combining wires (for example, I believe two 12Ga wires are equivalent to a single 10Ga). Thx.
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    Three center channels across the front?

    Hi Marc... thx for the comments... and I noticed the excellent pricing... if I did it all over again Dahlquist would be pretty tempting (the one thing I overwhelmingly love with the Axioms is the QS8's... seems Dahlquist has a good competitor.. ). Back to my problem... My screen is perhaps 8...
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    Three center channels across the front?

    Part of the problem is I already have my subs and tube amps below the screen... there is not enough room to mount the M3's upright (and I find they do not sound very good near a floor boundary)... and for mounting on their sides, the center chennels work better IMHO... M.
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    Need advice for *fairly* avoiding customs

    I would not attempt this. You are dealing with US customs *and* Canada customs on this. The fact that you are trading I believe is irrelevant. I have known one person who was caught by customs... and he tells a *very* good cautionary tale. When in doubt, you may always call customs... though I...
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    Three center channels across the front?

    Just to be clear (Craig... I think you misunderstood). I have a 120" screen and a front projector. I run my "LCR" up front with two bookshelves and a center channel (bookshelves to the side... center up front though below the screen). I am debating using center channel speakers for the "LR"...
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    Three center channels across the front?

    I have a 7.1 setup. In the front, I have some small monitors on stands and a dedicated center channel. Given I have a front projector... I am debating three center channels spaced across the front (below the screen pointing up). Anyone have an opinion on this? This is strictly for HT... for...
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    Behringer Feedback Destroyer

    Naaah... I am perpetually second in line on these things... if only I could bet on myself to place ;-) If I do not get it, it seems like you, Ned (see above), and I should attempt to get a deal on three of 'em. Seems we all want one, and are all in the Toronto area. M.