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    Win a copy of The Ten Commandments Special Edition Blu-ray Digibook

    Yes! I would like this great package.
  2. Mark C.

    Chuck season 2

    I'd actually like to see less of Ellie and Awesome. Have Chuck move out on his own, or have Morgan as his roommate. IMO there are too many characters, leading to a scatter-shot approach. Occasional Ellie and Awesome (every other episode, every two episodes) would be an improvement.
  3. Mark C.

    Need advice on 5 channel amp

    I can tell you about Rotel, since I have the 1095's lesser powered cousin, the RMB 1075. I've used the 1075 in my home theater going on seven years without a hiccup. I power B&W Nautilus 805 mains, matching center and 601 rears. Even at 120 wpc, this thing rocks. The 1095 is just that much more...
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    Replacing B&W's

    Why change for change sake? I have 601s from that era that I still use as my surrounds.
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    Pink Floyd reissues

    I think we're all, unfortunately, in for a long wait for an SACD of Wish You Were Here. Considering the length of time that has passed, there must be a bean-counter somewhere asking whether such a release will even make back the money spent for the work to create it.
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    I know it's only a rumor, but.....Genesis reformed??

    No mention of Steve Hackett??? It's just an '80s lite nostalgia tour!
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    Best place to buy Anthem 20 or 30 ??

    If your question is meant regarding internet direct sales, Anthem doesn't want its dealers selling on the net. Look for an authorized Anthem dealer in your area. The Anthem web site should have a list of dealers. There's also audiogon, where new and nearly new pieces are sold. I'm sure there are...
  8. Mark C.

    Is the "Pulse" DVD still coming out this month?

    September 18, to be precise: http://www.brain-damage.co.uk/ And, according to recent David Gilmour interview in Rolling Stone, no reunion tour is planned. Gilmour is touring most of spring in support of his new solo album. That's not to say PF won't do some type of benefit concert later...
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    What's the deal with HDCD?

    I've had HDCD available in my home theater system for several years, and I have never been able to tell a difference between HDCD and redbook CDs. Even switching between analog and digital connections, there doesn't seem to be a difference (and I'm listening through Rotel gear with B&W Nautilus...
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    Queen+ Paul Rodgers announce 2006 USA tour

    I'm sorry, but there's something kind of ewwwww!!! about this.
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    Live 8 DVD?

    Four-disc set listed at Amazon for $37. And no, most of the bands didn't suck. For every one performer that stunk up the place, two did great sets.
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    My Dish/Cable TV saga (Basic Cable includes HDTV??)

    That's great--for you, Bob. I only wish my cable company (Charter) would get around to offering HD in my area. I'll be a grandparent before Charter gets its as* in gear. The pickings on the satellite services are too slim to bother until the mpeg4 conversion. So, I sit with two HD-ready sets in...
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    How is Fleetwood Mac "The Dance" DVD?

    A must buy. I've watched it numerous times and always enjoy it.
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    Pink Floyd said to reunite for Live 8....Really!

    How about they set up the concert like this: Pink Floyd all of one day, everybody else the next day. Or, everybody else gets two songs, and then Floyd goes on at dusk. Can you imagine the rehearsals? I'd love to be a fly on "the wall'' when they first get together. They haven't played as a...
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    Pink Floyd said to reunite for Live 8....Really!

    I want to hear from Roger's mouth that Pink Floyd is reuniting. If that's the case, let's hope it's a one-time effort. I think all the band members are of the opinion that you can't go home again. That is, they can't go back permanently to being Pink Floyd. A special event like this is worth it...