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    So who else has been screwed by Best Buy?

    I have Worstbuy. I would never ever spend a dollar in that place again. I purchased a 32" flat panel tv through their website. I also purchased the mount that was recommended for that tv from the website. I bought it for my brother as a house warming gift. Since he just bought the house, he was...
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    HDMI Inputs/output- confused

    hey, i had the same situation. it depends on what you want to do. the hdmi port on the receiver/dvd player is just an output (if it's one of the simple htib's and it sounds like it is). so if you connect your receiver/dvd player with an hdmi cord to the hdmi input on your tv, then you will...
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    New customer perplexed by Fios TV and their DVR...

    IMO Fios TV is terrible. The TIVO units are huge and come with a whole host of issues. Dealing with Verizon is probably the biggest issue for me. They failed to show up for the installation twice and I was put on hold and switched around and hung up on for 3 hours before finally being able to...
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    Sam's Prices--too good to be true?

    From what I know, usually places like BJ's and Sam's Club have models created just for them. These are usually missing some important features that you find in the models everywhere else like Circuit City, although they look exactly the same. I guess if these missing features are not important...
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    HDMI Cable Quality?

    thanks for the replies. thats what i figured but wanted to confirm before i returned these cables. thanks again.
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    HDMI Cable Quality?

    Hi All, I just bought a Sharp 42" LCD TV w/1080p. I have a comcast HD cable box and I purchased a 3 foot HDMI cable from RAM Cables. I got the cheapest one they had and it was like 10 bucks. The picture from the cable box to the tv seems kinda fuzzy. I played around with the settings but no...
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    Control with HDMI/ HDAVI Control

    I'm trying to do a similar thing with the Panasonic sc-ht940. im new to this by the way. from what i see, my cable box only has a dvi output which from what i know, does not carry sound. and the panasonic 940 and i think 740 only has 1 hdmi output and no hdmi inputs. so there is no sound from...
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    Not sure what to do?

    Hello all, new to home theater and had some questions. I have a JVC HDTV with 1 HDMI input. I want to get a home theater system thats capable of producing surround sound with the DVD player as well as with the cable tv. It's a Cablevision box and has 1 DVI output. I want to spend...