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    Warner Archive Discussion Thread (FEEDBACK)

    I watched "Twice Upon a Time" with both audio tracks last night. For the most part I'm very happy. But it's not perfect; there is a defect in the audio. For part of the movie, the left and right channels are reversed. You can hear it very clearly from 20:19 - 20:32 when Botch's car...
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    Incorrect Framing or Artistic Choice?

    This I'd have to strongly disagree with. I can distinctly remember a few Video Watchdog articles about questionable framing on some letterboxed laserdiscs. There was an entire article about whether or not Fox was "zoom-boxing" their widescreen releases ("True Lies" being one of the suspected...
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    Star Trek films on Blu-Ray... what we know so far

    That strongly suggests that Paramount was using some kind of automatic temporal noise scrubber, which required a few like frames in front and behind to work. Interesting, as there are free filters for avisynth that work more intelligently.
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    Star Trek films on Blu-Ray... what we know so far

    Well, that settles it then. I've been looking for one more reason to buy just Part 2 from the UK and write off the rest until the inevitable double-dip. This puts me way over.
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    The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Announced in Region B - now in Region A as well

    Well, we can forget that. As far as I can tell, the entire mono track is a mixdown of the DTS, with all the fancy new gunshots and other ridiculousness. Why did they even bother to include this? Did they really think we were all clamoring for a newly remixed mono track? :rolleyes
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    The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Announced in Region B - now in Region A as well

    Not quite sure what you mean here, as every R1 DVD release of GBU (yes, even the first one) was/is anamorphic. True, Fistful and FDM had 4:3 letterbox discs, but GBU was always 16:9.
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    The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Announced in Region B - now in Region A as well

    The sound-alike was never the problem. In fact, his scenes are the least jarring and out of place. It's the voices of the 70-something Eastwood and Wallach emanating from their 30-something bodies that suddenly rip me out of the moment every time I try to watch this extended cut. Had the...
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    John Carpenter movies on Blu-Ray

    The Escape From New York blu-ray is admittedly nothing great, but The Fog gets unfairly lumped in with it. The transfer is very strong, even if the grain-busting was a little high for some folk's tastes. I think it looks worlds better than the R1 DVD, and considering how cheap some of the...
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    "South Pacific" Disc of the year?

    I'm talking about the roadshow version, which looks and sounds identical to the DVD, and is encoded in 480i30 MPEG-2 at 7-8 Mbps. The packaging refers only to the General Release version.
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    DVD Review HTF DVD Review: Lilo & Stitch 2-Disc Big Wave Edition

    They still didn't give us the DTS track that nearly every other country got on their 2-disc edition. I'll be keeping my Australian import.
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    T2 Announced on BD

    I own the first pressing (street date purchase), and the foil cover was silver, not gold. Are you sure you have the first pressing?
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    "South Pacific" Disc of the year?

    I am greatly disappointed in FOX, but not because they used the standard def roadshow version. That I get, from a financial point of view and the fact that, in its current condition, its more of an extra than a feature film in its own right in the set. But I am angry at how lazily they did...
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    DVD Review HTF DVD Review: Mary Poppins 45th Anniversary Edition

    It sounds like Disney heard the fan complaints about the DEHT, and used the 5.1 mix originally prepared for the first AC-3 laserdisc (this mix and transfer were later recycled onto the "Gold Collection" DVD). That's fine with me; many of the laserdisc 5.1 tracks were superior to the dreaded...
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    Weekly RoundUp 10-28-2008

    The Baraka blu-ray is definitely not $21.99 at Best Buy. It's $29.99. Edit: I see that the Best Buy website is listing it at $21.99, but it's stickered and rings up as $29.99 in the store. They won't honor their website price, but if you buy it on the website, and choose "store pickup", you...
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    2009 Tv on DVD Predictions

    I'd like to see a release of Season 2 of War of the Worlds, but I feel I may be hoping for too much.